Saisei Saisei no Mi
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'Translation' Reborn Reborn Fruit
'Meaning ' to be Reincarnated
English Name Reborn Reborn fruit
Type Paramecia
Allows the user to be reborn into another body.
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The Saisei Saisei no Mi is a Paramecia-Type Devil Fruit which enhances the user's soul to the point where after death they are able to possess any random newborn life, remaining alive until the reincarnated body is killed again performing other soul-based attacks making the user a "Reborn Human" The fruit has not been eaten by anyone and is currently in Circulation.

Appearance Edit

The fruit looks like that of a Bright Yellow Pomegranate with orange bumps all around with wavy swirls surrounding the fruit, it is small enough to be held with the palm of one hand.

Strengths Edit

The major strength of the fruit is that it gives the user a second chance at life after dying once before in the form of a random body of any living thing as a form of reincarnation starting all over again from birth until they experience a second death, This rebirth is only negated if they had died by drowning and remains dormant until the user experiences a first death and when the second life experiences self awareness by usually growing up to the age of five. Once the requirements have been met the fruit the users eyes will glow a constant green hue and will grant him or her automatic and absolute memories, personality, strength and knowledge that did had in there first life before they died even to the point where in they can learn more and add on to there strength than they could with only life adding onto pure experience. Another main strength this fruit has on the second life is that similar to the Yomi Yomi no Mi and the Horo Horo no Mi the user can use Astral projection giving the spirit the look of his first life moving anywhere he wants but leaving the user's physical body vulnerable to attack. The final major ability of the user of this fruit channel the energy of their soul throughout there body and objects in the form of a green fire similar to that of the Yomi Yomi no Mi.

Weaknesses Edit

Usage Edit

Trivia Edit

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