Saizu Saizu no Mi (Size Size No Mi, サイズ) is a paramecia devil fruit that allows the user to resize there body parts to certain extents, such as there fist, leg, or etc. It was eaten by Okashi.Template:Devil Fruit Template

Appearance Edit

The Saizu Saizu no Mi is a raspberry colored fruit, with Spiral markings, it has a spiky stem sprouting out the top.

Strengths and Weaknesses Edit

The fruit's major strength, is that it allows the user to resize there body parts, such as the user's fist, to hit a bigger target. It also increases the impact of the attack in battle, for example (When the user would use the technique to increase there fist, the impact of the punch would increase.) 

The user's ability to resize there body parts gives them an advantage against bigger targets, and it also allows them to take attacks and take reduced damage. (For example, if the target attacked the user's foot while it was increased in size, the damage would be reduced.) The fruit allows any part of the user's body to expand, including organs, such as the user could expand there stomach space.

Despite the advantage this fruit gives, the fruit also slows down the user due to the gigantic size of the user's body parts when they are expanded, and has a limit to how big one of the user's body parts can be. The user can also inhale big amounts of air, being able to expand how much air his lungs can take in.

The user also suffers the same weaknesses to water, the user's energy does decrease while submerged into water, and nullifies his ability to resize any body part.

The Saizu Saizu no Mi user is also susceptible to Busoshoku Haki, as there abillity to reduce damage, is nullified and doesn't take effect when damaged by a enemy who has Busoshoku Haki active.

Usage Edit

The powers of the fruit are mainly used for resizing the user's body parts.

Trivia Edit

  • The Saizu Saizu no Mi Devil Fruit, and this article was created by GenerationRewinder.

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