Sakamoto Ken

Sakamoto Ken
Age 35
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type A++
Birthdate 26th May
Island of Origin Mirroball Island (East Blue)
Occupation Pirate
Epithet The music devil Ken
Crew Black Scar Pirates
Position Musician

1st = 30,000,000 beli

2nd = 80,000,000 beli

3rd = 160,000,000 beli

Dream To be the most famous musician as a pirate

Sakamoto Ken mostly know as 'The music devil Ken' by the World Government. He is called Ken by his crewmembers and is the musician of the Black Scar Pirates


Ken is quite tall and slim, with red hair and green eyes. He is always seen with a can of juice made by Ryoji and Shinjiro even during fights

Ken wears a jacket with no under shirt, which he doesnt button the top part of his jacket. He also wear a necklace in which most of his friend says but he denies it and calls it a momento from a friend.

He wears leather pants and leather boots for he fights hand-to-hand. He also has a tattoo on his back showing his crew's Jolly Roger


He is the most optimistic and happy out of all the members. He mostly fazes out with Taimen and Daisuke when he is playing music.

When sailing, he loves to play music with his guitar which was help built by Ryoji. He sings along and jokes around with everyone.

In battle, he would play around and doesnt plan on fighting seriously eventhough his enemy is stronger than him. The only time he becomes serious is when his enemy mocks his dream and mocks music. Only then is when he truly fights serious.

He eats alot but doesnt seem to get fat at all and he would only drink the juice.

Abilities, Styles and PowersEdit

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