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Babydoll by warrenlouw-d3jnedp
Age 19
Gender Female
Species Human
Blood type B+
Birthdate September 26th
Height 5'3"
Weight 101 lbs
Island of Origin An Island in the East Blue
Occupation Bounty Hunter
Epithet Charmspeaker
Crew --
Position neutral to turn evil
Family Ouri
Bounty --
Dream She wishes to see a world without war.

'"Admiration is like air to her. She's silly and shallow, but she's content."

- Zoro about Sancar

Sancar is a young bounty hunter and possesses the nick name "Charmspeaker" and fights with a Katana and a Gun, Sancar has also a older twin brother with the name Sercai. She is from an Island in the East Blue. After the death of her mother, turned mad.


Sancar usually reflects a haughty, bored and uninterested person to the rest of the world, probably due to her noble upbringing. Her possessiveness againt pirates made her hot-tempered and jealous, but her hate for pirates also brought out a vulnerable, self-doubting aspect of her usually proud personality. She realized how overjealous and how she was only thinking of her own feelings and matured. Since giving up on fighting againt them, she has shown a gentler side to her personality. She is shown as elegant, graceful and very lady-like.


Sancar posesses the unnatural beauty and appears to be in her late teens, but she is actually slightly older than Luffy. She has wavy blond light-hair and green-gloden eyes and usually wears European dresses.



Sercai is Sancar older twin brother.

Roronoa ZoroEdit

Sancar and Zoro were old friends when he was still a bounty hunter. When he turned his back to them and joind The Straw Hat Crew, she started to ignore him. Sancar feels betrayed by him and gave up there good relationship.

When they met each other at the Sabaody Archipelago she thought she could kill him in the battle but when things escilate to level that they did she ran away.

It is not much known about theire past.

Special AbilitiesEdit


As a bounty hunter Sancar has two weapons, she has a katana and a gun. Sancar's katana is called "Angina" and her nickel plated colt M1911A1 with small jewelry attachments and is named "Solume".


Major BattleEdit

vs. her father

vs. Zoro

vs. Nora



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