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Sandra Mikayo is the eleventh member of Straw Hats Pirates after Jeran, she ate Hagane Hagane No Mi. She is 16 years old.


In the beginnig Sandra wears a black jacket with a loop and a black short skirt. Her shoes are black and the socks the same color come to the knees. Her brown hair is long and her eyes have the same color. Its height is 1, 60 m.

After North revolutionary Arc she changes her clothes using a Brand Fitted shirt with navy blue shorts.


The speed and agility of Sandra is a great advantage to her Devil Fruit.

'Balloon Jump'''': Sandra jumps to Luffy that fills the belly of air make her to bounce at high altitude so she can use her attack Iron Legs.

Devil FruitEdit

Sandra ate Hagane Hagane No Mi that gives the ability to transform into iron. This Akuma No Mi has no weakness then it is considered one of the strongest of Paramecia type.

Iron Hand: Sandra turns her hand iron can use it in attack or defense.

Iron Legs: She perfoms this attack with Luffy. After use Ballon Jump Sandra turns her legs in iron and fall in direction to

the enemy.

Iron Head: Protect Sandra of attack direction to her head.

Iron Body: Sandra turns her body all in iron.


Rescue and New LifeEdit

Sandra was a slave of a family of Tenryuubito. One day she meet Kiruo Mikayo, who was the leader of the North Revolutionary. She seem him like a father and Kiruo always tell to her how was the world outside and promise then one day Sandra will sail on the sea and meet the rest of the world.

When Sandra accidentaly made a mistake, Kiruo is punishedt in her place. On the night of that day, a group of revolutionary attack the house and rescue the slaves.

Kiruo allowed Sandra to make part of the group of revolutionary and addopt her as his daughter.

Kiruo DeathEdit

Three years ago,when the revolutionary attack a base of Marines, Kiruo get very injured on battle and before die he said goodbye to Sandra and tell to her to keep his legacy being the new leader. Sandra promises to him.

Tashine DeathEdit

One year after Kiruo death, Sandra meet Tashine, a simple boy who wants make part of the revolutionary. He is accept on the group but she doen´st very interest on being his friend. When Tashine save Sandra on a battle against Marine. The two start to be friends and more late she fall in love to him. Unfortunately he is kill by Tsuki, a admiral.

Sandra try to save Tashine but is useless, before die he begs to Sandra protect his sister, Mariko, how is very sick.

In the final moments Sandra said she love him.

Mariko DeathEdit

One year ago, Sandra leaves the group of revolutionary and start to take care of Mariko as she promises to Tashine.

When the Marines discovered where Sandra was, they went there to captured. Sandra realize then they are looking for her. Sandra ran away with Mariko and the two hid in the warehouse. Unfortunately the Marines find here the girls were hiding. Mariko see a shooter how was prepared to shoot Sandra. She pushes Sandra and take the shoot in her place. Sandra cry and ask for help. Huzuro, a marine, promises he will save the girl if she let herself to be captured.

In Impel Down, Huzuri reveals to Sandra he tried everything to save Mariko but she dies. Sandra said to him if one day she can escaped of there, she will get her revenge against the Marines by the death of Kiruo, Tashine and Mariko.


Mariko death

Meeting with Straw HatsEdit

Two months before the actual story, after six months in Impel Down, Sandra was designed to change cell. She took the transfer from cell to attack the guards and steal the key to them being able to escape, disguised as a guard and hidden in a Marine boat.

The Straw Hats, after two years separate

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