Sangre Spada

Image Here
Age 28
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type X-
Birthdate Unknown
Height 7'
Weight 250lbs
Origin Grand Line
Occupation Pirate
Epithet None
Crew Libre Pirates/Zodiac Faction
Position Vice Captain




Dream Unknown


Sangre Spada (Meaning, Blood Sword) is a tall and thin man who wears a black and gold attire like his Captain El Toro, except he wears a red cape draped over his left shoulder.  His whole attire is a resemblace to a Matador, which goes with his Spanish theme.


Like his captain, he is rather proud of his skills as a swordsman.  He is loyal to his Captain without question, even going so far as to kill two other Captains with even higher bounties than his own without hesitation.

Weapons/Fighting StyleEdit

As a swordsman, his style relies on his incredible speed to overwhelm his opponents.  His twin rapiers are so fast that most can't even see them move when he strikes.  Many of his attacks are Rose Themed and use Spanish words out of order to have an English tempo to them. 

Primera Thrust (First Thrust)- An incredible high speed dash followed by powerful stab.  This move killed two Captains in a instant.

Rosa Tormenta (Rose Storm)- A dive in which Sangre Spada rapidly thrusts as he falls, destroying its target along with the ground.

Rosa Jardin (Rose Garden)- Used in combination with Rpsa Tormenta, Sangre Spada burrows through the ground to attack his opponent from underneath.

Sangre X (Bloody X)- By crossing his swords in a double Iai maneuver, he cuts an X across his opponent's chest.

Wall of Thorns-  A rapid barrage of thrusts.

Muerte Rosa (Death Rose)-  Sangre Spada's ultimate attack.  Six simultaneously strikes that attack the Lungs, Kidneys, Liver and finally the Heart to cause instant death.



Despite his skills, he has a bad habit of constantly swinging off the blood from his swords after he injures an opponent, a habit that was exposed by Jesse.  Like Brook, he is a speed-type swordsman considering his weapons of choice.

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