Sasori Hanzo

Age 38
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type AB+
Birthdate December 22
Height 6'7
Weight 195 lbs.
Island of Origin North Blue
Occupation First Mate; Swordsman; Pirate
Epithet Sword Saint (剣聖, Kensei); Crimson Eyes Hanzo (緋色の目の半蔵, Hiiro no Me no Hanzō)
Crew Black Heart Pirates
Position First Mate

Sword Saint Sasori Hanzo (サソリ半蔵, Sasori Hanzo) is the First Mate of the Black Heart Pirates and is also one of the three swordsmen within their crew. He is the primary swordsman of the Black Heart Pirates. Hanzo is an accomplished and renowned master swordsman, known all throughout the world as a user of the Ittoryu style. Like his captain, Hanzo is a veteran pirate and swordsman, having been active since the days of the late Pirate King Gold Roger. Having been part of crew since its earlier days, it is stated that Hanzo was the first member to have joined the Black Heart Pirates. He is commonly referred to as the Sword Saint, due to his legendary skill in swordsmanship, and is nicknamed Crimson Eyes because of his demonic blood-red eyes. He is one of the most feared swordsmen in the world.


Hanzo is a tall, lean built man, with short neck length black hair. His most distinct and noticeable traits are his crimson eyes, for which is the source of his nickname. He is usually seen wearing dark colours, as his current attire consists of a brown T-shirt, dark grey pants, black boots, and a black jacket. The jacket has a white puffy fur on the collar. Both of his hands are wrapped in white bandages and he also wears a silver chain with a locket attached to it around his neck.

He is also seen wearing the traditional Japanese kimono over his western clothing and usually wears a bright kimono, although he has worn dark coloured ones in some instances. He wears a bright blue kimono, with the Yin-Yang symbol printed on the back and sometimes Hanzo will slightly open the kimono around the chest area. Hanzo also wears a white sash belt around his waist and carries his sword on the left side of his sash. He is also seen wearing dark brown sandals along with his kimono.

22 years ago, during Gol D. Roger's execution, Hanzo had a different hair style, as his hair was more spikey and shorter. He wore a plain long sleeved white shirt, black pants, and large black and brown boots. He wore a thick leather black belt around his waist, black arm gauntlets, and a high collared black vest with a red outline over his attire.






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