Scarf Pirates
Scarf pirate flag

Main Ship - Oceans Tree

Base - None

Captain - Jannax

Type - Peace Main

Crew population - 13

Total Bounty - Unknown

The Scarf Pirates and a relatively new band of pirates. The name of the pirate crew comes from the Captiain wearing his signature blue scarf. Their current strength and total bounties are currently unknows due to their recent appearance. The goal of the crew, according to the Captain, is to be as strong as the best crew's across the seas and become a Yonkou.

Crew Members

  1. "Flying Scarf" Jannax (Captian)
  2. "Holy Defend" Kem (First Mate)
  3. "King of the Sky" Crew (Cook)
  4. "Rain Maker" Douglas (Sniper)
  5. "Living Ship" Moire (Shipwright)
  6. "Spirit Tamer" Bliss (Navigator)
  7. "Pistol" Paru (Helmsmen)
  8. "Witch Doctor" Pesu (Doctor)
  9. "Unknown" 13 (Thief)
  10. "Spinning Top" Maari (Musician)
  11. "Master of Machines" Raz (Technician)
  12. "Trader" Aimi (Scholar/Chronicler/Merchant)
  13. "Death of the Deep" Mizanu (Infantry)

Crew Strength Edit

This crew has a high amount of devil fruit users, this can be a great strength but also a massive weakness as they are pirates and are on the ocean alot of the time. Balancing out the disadvantage of the amount of fruit users, the crew has a fishman in their ranks. So if anyone falls into the ocean Mizanu can rush over and bring them back aboard.


  • Jannax : Being the captan, he is the strongest member of the crew and he has an incredible fighting spirit. He will always fight for what he believes in and to achieve his goals. A week before he set out to be a pirate he accidently swallowed a slice of the Hodan Hodan no mi, which allows him to launch himself in any direction, to any point at high speeds. It able to cause a huge amount of destruction if used correctly.He has mastered Geppo and Tekkai and has begun training on how to control haki, which he is not naturally gifted in.
  • Kem : He has a strong desire to protect everyone on the ship and does not like to hurt people (unless he is forced to), this way of thinking led him to the Tate Tate no mi (Shield). This enables him to block anything that he may encounter and has no real offencive capability. To make up for the fact that his fruit can't cause any harm he has become a master spearman and can be considered one of the best in the world. He has been seen using Hakia number of times and appears to be quite good at doing so.
  • Crew : Crew is the cook of the ship but is not able to fight, from his many solo adventures to islands for unique cooking ingredients he has the discovered the Ryu Ryu no mi Model: Yokuryu (which is infact not a dragon but a very large dinosaur). Being a zoan type fruit it has all the standard abilities

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