Senona "Sen"'

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Age 23
Gender Female
Species Human
Blood type A negative
Birthdate April 24
Height 5'7
Weight 207
Island of Origin Senpuu Island
Occupation Assassin
Epithet The Demon of the Sea
Crew New Moon
Position First Mate and Scholar
Family N/A
Bounty 1,000,000
Dream To find out who she is, and kill the pirates that hurt Kallypso

Sen washed up on Senpuu island when she was about 8, she has no memories of her life before washing up on the island. The entire island took care of her, but she lived by herself in the forest.


Sen has ankle length black hair, that's always tied back. Her eyes are a dull brown, that only sparkle when she's with Kallypso. She's pure muscle. She's missing her left arm.



Sen would kill for Kallypso, and was completely against her becoming a pirate.

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