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Base Costa Del Palms on Blank Island
Leader Gustav
Total Members Five known members, the rest unknown

The Sentinels are an organization of peace keeping soldiers that watch over Blank Island and keep pirates in check who stop there on their trip through the Grand Line. Their current Commander-in-Chief and leader is Gustav.


  • Leader: Gustav
  • Members:
  • Mission: To keep the peace on Blank Island from pirates traveling the Grand Line.
  • Status: Active

Rank SystemEdit

The ranks of the Sentinels appear to have a hierarchy that resembles an armies ranks. The highest rank in the Elite Soldiers division is General, but it is separated into two different ranks of Senior General and Junior General with the former being superior to the latter.

Sovereign DivisionEdit

  • Commander-in-Chief
  • Field Marshal

Elite SoldiersEdit

  • Senior General
  • Junior General

Lower Class SoldiersEdit

  • Colonel
  • Major

Unranked SoldiersEdit

  • Infantry


The Sentinels are a militaristic organization that are similar to a private army. They exist outside of the World Government and survive without having received any assistance from them. Their group defends Blank Island and its denizens from rowdy pirates that may cause any problems.



It is unknown how long the Sentinels have existed or when they formed their group.

At some point in time the World Government tried to strong arm their way into the territory of Blank Island in order to assimilate them into the allied countries of the world, but Gustav resisted their efforts and did not permit them to take over his home.

Blank IslandEdit

When the Straw Hat Pirates arrived at Blank Island the Buggy Pirates were stirring up trouble only to garner attention from Senior General Amol who fought against the crew and managed to cause Buggy to fear for his life, forcing them to flee.

Junior General Nae then encountered the Straw Hats on the beach, assuming that they had caused all the damage around there and instigated a fight with them, which resulted in him being defeated by Kedamono Jeran. Amol showed up shortly after only to reprimand his own subordinate for causing trouble for the pirates who had helped them clear out a group of rowdy pirates. Before he could lead them to any kind of lodging as payment, an explosion hit the beach and Buggy and his crew showed up to fight the Straw Hats.

After the battle was over both Amol and Nae were taken onto the Sunny for medical attention while a man on horseback wearing the same Sentinels uniform was seen observing the fight before leaving to report back to the "chief."