Seriph Cherie

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Age 25 1/2
Gender Female
Species Human
Blood type Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Island of Origin Unknown
Occupation Pirate
Epithet Pepper Dragon
Crew Leo Reavers Pirates
Position Cook
Family Unknown
Bounty Bsymbol10130,000,000
Dream Unknown

Seriph Cherie (セリフ ・チェリエ, Serifu Chierie) is the Cook for the Leo Reavers Pirates.


A dark-haired woman with pale skin and a well-endowed being. She usually wears a ruffled white blouse that tucks loosely over her chest and into a black cummerbund around her waist. Her wavy hair falls to the small of her back and cascades around her cheeks, contrasting against her rich, mocha-colored eyes. She wears black pants that fit neatly around her voluptuous form, accented by golden rings in each belt loop, and a pair of buckled heels around her feet.


Much like Sanji, her hands are her prized possessions, and she is often seen giving herself a manicure between meal preparations, relying on the rest of the crew to gather the proper ingredients. Much like Ryuname, she has a short temper, and is quick to snap off at someone in an instant, but cares for the crew as if they were her family more openly than the captain. She was the second member to join the Reavers, and can easily sway the captain to do what she wants in promise of her favorite meal of steak and potatoes.


Leo Reavers PiratesEdit

As the Cook for the ship, she plays an important role in making sure that Ryuname remains well fed due to the debilitating nature of her Devil Fruit.


Seriph fights only when the ship is breached, and makes a weapon out of her miniature set of cutlery, along with a giant pair of butcher's knives. She wields them relentlessly, and can easily match an experienced swordsman.


At an unknown point in time, Seriph joined the Leo Reavers Pirates.


  • The character Seriph Cherie was created by Ryuname and the article was made by me.
  • Her nickname is reference to her vicious fighting style and love for hot foods.

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