Shiroto Daisuke


Age: 20

Gender: male
Species: Human
Blood type: B+
Birthdate: ?
Height: 181
Island of Origin: ?
Occupation: Pirate (former bounty hunter)
Epithet: "Death Shot" Daisuke
Crew: Black Scar Pirates
Position: Gunner
Family: ?

'Bounty: 1st = 10'0,000,000 beli

2nd = 200,000,000 beli

3rd = 250,000,000 beli

Dream: To become the best sniper in the world and to sail the entire Grand Line

Shiroto Daisuke mostly known as Death Shot Daisuke by the world government is the fourth member to join the Black Scar Pirates. He is called Daisuke by his crew members.

Appearance Edit

Daisuke is tall men with a white coloured hair with a green goggle on top of his head. He is seen with two guns slunged at the right side of his legs and another one at the other side of his legs

Daisuke wears a red coat a with a small metal sode on both side of his shoulder and a black with a green lining shirt in the inside. He usually button up his coat except for the top part. Daisuke also wears a metal belt that carries a tons of different kinds of bullets and another small belt at his waist. He wore a loosed purple pants with two guns at each side of his legs. He also wear what it seems to be a high hill sandals.


Daisuke is a smart and a kind young man man who will always has his job done. He will always try to finish his job even if it is a impossible task or the task is to hard he will still try to finish it. He also does'nt like wasting time on doing stupid things as he is always training when he has nothing to do. Daisuke has a personality of speaking the truth to anyone wether its the enemy or the ally which always annoys the crew especially yoshino as he always says ambarassing thing about her which he ended up getting hit on the head. Eventhough Daisuke a smart person, he has no sense of direction even if he is following someone, he will still be lost in someway.

Weapons/Devil Fruit/Fighting StyleEdit

As a gunner, Daisuke uses dual guns as his main weapon and another gun for backup. He always choses to make a quick kill rather than fighting a for a long time because he doen't like to waste time. Because of this he was given the title 'Death Shot'



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