This Devil Fruit allows the user to control, fill, and remove space. For example, if the user was to make something dissapear, he would completley obliterate the object, not leaving even a single atom.It was eaten by Emeth, Captain of the Ninja Pirates. 


The Devil Fruit is shaped like the sun, with golden beams spiraling outward.


As it said before, the Space Space Fruit has the power to control, fill, and remove space. It also has the power to transport the user or anything he wants to transport. He can create portals that transport things as well.


The user can only transport things and manipulate space. He cannot use it as a it as a physical weapon.


Emeth combines the power of the Space Space Fruit with his second Devil Fruit, the Time Time Fruit (This is not to be confused with the 1st Time Time Fruit ).

  • Supernova: Emeth uses the Time Time Fruit to speed up the death of a star, then transports it with the Space Space Fruit to where he is. He is not affected by the explosion that follows.
  • Black Hole: After Supernova disappears, a massive black hole appears. Emeth is not affected by this either.
  • Millenium Shield: Emeth uses his time and space powers to create a barrier on every side of him that freezes or transports anything that hits it.
  • Warp: Emeth goes through space, appearing anywhere he wants.
  • Ripple: Emeth distorts space and disrupts the atoms the target's/targets' body and severely injures or possibly kills them.
  • Meteor: Emeth transports a fiery meteor to bring it smashing down on the enemy.
  • Comet: Same as Meteor, except Emeth transports a icy comet.
  • Meteor Rain: Emeth summons a multitude of metors to slam down on the enemy.

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