Crew Name
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Main Ship Magna Carta
Jolly Roger Red Sparrow with the letter S behind it.
Base None
Captain Victor Betta
Type Peace Maine
Crew Population 4
Total Bounty [1] 200,000,000

The Sparrow Corp. is the main crew in the Fanfic- One Piece: The Rising Sun. As such was named as it was founded by Bounty Hunters. As such, they do not see themselves as criminals and their Jolly Roger isn't of a Pirate nature. Since the Journey began, the crew has steadily grown in strength and numbers as they travel across the Grand Line with dreams of adventure, and a little bit of cash along the way.


Name Position Epithet Bounty
Victor Betta Captain/Navigator/Hunter "Crimson Demon" 1st [2]60,000,000
Jesse Franks Vice-Captain/Former Marine/Hunter "Hitman" 1st [3]40,000,000
Kain Hyaku Former Pirate Captain "One-Man Army" Current [4]100,000,000
Cassidy Sundance Musician/Former Amazon Current [5]0

Crew StrengthEdit

Considering the few people aboard the ship, the Sparrow Corp. isn't weak by any means. Victor with his Fishman strength and Gyogin Karate has taken on some frightenly powerful people, including El Toro "The Executioner", Commodore Ralley, and even "Strawhat" Luffy on a chance encounter.

Jesse, being the 1st Mate and a former Marine, has considerable power himself. His kicks able to cause considerable damage even against Victor's strength.

Kain with the help of his Devil Fruit, earning him a solid [6]100,000,000 bounty on his head, making him one of the few Supernovas on the Grand Line.

Cassidy's Amazonian strength provides her ample capability with her Devil Fruit and spearmanship, but she has yet to actually use her skills against a worth opponent.


The relationship with the crew has its ups and downs as with anyone would have during a long voyage. Victor and Jesse have a more professional relationship, which has slowly waned to more of a friendship due to their struggles on the Grand Line. Kain and Jesse have a very violent form of "Sybling Rivaly", constantly bickering like children and getting into fights, in which Victor usually jumps into as well. Cassidy, being the newest member at the moment, is still learning about her new shipmates, but has quickly bonded with them as they remind her of her former band, "The Wild Bunch".


"I'm not saying that your dream has to be grand or anything, but it must be something that you're willing to fight for, even die for. Without that kind of resolve, you might as well roll over and die." Nami.

No truer words have ever been spoken.

Victor initially was on a quest to find fishmen like his father to better understand his heritage, but since he started to accumilate a crew, his desires started to fade. Upon meeting with the Strawhat Crew and learning about Luffy's dream, he made a declaration. He will be the Bounty Hunter that captures the Pirate King!

Jesse's dream was originally to become the Best Sniper in the Marines like his idol, Daddy Masterson. However, a tragic accident caused him to lose his eyesight. Only with glasses can he see even moderately, but he has learned to compensate with the use of Kenbushoku Haki. He has no current dream at the moment, but he swore that he would keep fighting to find a dream of his own.

Kain has yet to reveal a dream to his crewmembers as he just wants to have fun on the Grand Line. Secretly, all he wants is to always be around friends.

Cassidy, being a former Amazon, strongly desires to see the world after spending her entire life on Amazon Lily. Upon discovering Music, which most Amazons have no knowledge of, she hopes to some day give this gift to her people.

Locations VisitedEdit

Druble- East Blue

Loguetown- East Blue

Twin Capes- Reverse Mountain


Crater Island

Club Island

Shimmering Clam

Battle Cove

Parakeet Isle

Magpie Island


Being born half human/half fishman, Victor has been attributed with great strength, but also he inherited the knowledge of the anger between both sides. This conflict is what ultimately killed his parents, leaving him orphaned at only 11 years old. Due to his upbringing from his father, a former slave and a crewmember of Fisher Tiger, he follows the same ideals of not killing and treating others with compassion. However, his rage quickly takes over when he sees others beinf mistreated and he will not allow such a thing to go unanswered. He true hatred stems from the stories of the Tenryubito, whom enslaved his father.

Jesse's background as a Marine has given him a stern outlook on how life should be, but he knows that not even the Marines is without its dark side. Despite his home was in the West Blue, he wanted to be taken to Loguetown, to learn how to be a Bounty Hunter from his idol, Daddy Masterson. This is where he met Victor and their journey began.

Being alone since he can remember, Kain has lived on his own in the wilderness for most his life, only venturing into the city to grab foods he can't obtain from nature. After finally reaching adulthood, he stole a ship and sailed off the island and into the Grand Line, where he discovered the Multi-Multi Fruit and began to earn his infamy.

Cassidy lived a rather sheltered life as most Amazon do, having no knowledge of the outside world. During a random act, she discovered music and instantly fell in love with it. After being berated to not play music by her mentor, Flora, she did so in secret with her best friend, Sakura, for many years. After Flora was mortally wounded and put in a coma after contest of strength, Cassidy used her music in an attempt to revive her mentor. Soon afterwards, Flora discovered the secret and banished her from the town. Cassidy fought Flora out of desperation and lost despite her mentor's wounds. Angered and saddened, she left the island, only to be rescued by The Wild Bunch after she nearly drowned from a storm. From them, she learn more about music and the outside world.


Jesse Franks' name is a combination of Jesse James and his brother, Frank. Being as he idolizes Daddy Masterson, he adopted a similar outfit when he joined Victor at Loguetown.

Kain's last name, Hyaku, means One-Hundred, in relation to his bounty and his Devil Fruit.

Cassidy Sundance's name is a combination of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, her band also being called the Wild Bunch, Butch Cassidy's gang.

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