Straw Hat Pirates

Main Ship Thousand Sunny, formerly Going Merry
Base None
Captain Monkey D. Luffy
Type Peace Main
Crew Population Ten, eleven counting the Sunny
Total Bounty Bsymbol10736,000,050

This is the article for the Straw Hats according to the alternate reality of World Reversion.

Crew Members

As a result of Luffy's choice in who joins, the Straw Hats are notable for being one of the most varied, if not bizarre, pirating crews in the One Piece world. Their ranks have members so vastly different from one another that it almost seems random in retrospect. These include a shape shifting reindeer that can be mistaken for something else depending on his form ( such as Gorilla when near-human or a tanuki when in his usual mid-form), a cyborg with a very eccentric behavior who wears almost nothing except for shirts and speedoes, and a lively undead perverted skeletal musician as well as a half-human werewolf (due to his Devil Fruit) with a father in the World Government and a mother in the Revolutionary army. Amongst them they have five Devil Fruit users which includes Luffy himself. The majority of them are also fairly young, with only three members being adults past their early twenties, although the two oldest members are just as childish as the others. Another thing is that they consider their ships to be crew members as much as the others.

  • "Straw Hat" Monkey D. Luffy (Captain) - Bsymbol300,000,000
    • The Captain of the ship. Luffy is the founder of the crew and one of the rookie pirates known as the Eleven Supernovas. Luffy at the Gomu Gomu no Mi, making him a Rubber-human with the ability to stretch his limbs; that, coupled with his monstrous strength, makes him a very formidable fighter. His father, Monkey D. Dragon, is the Leader of the Revolutionaries and his brother, Portgas D. Ace, is a prominent member of the Whitebeard Pirates.
  • "Pirate Hunter" Roronoa Zoro (First Mate/Swordsman) - Bsymbol120,000,000
    • The swordsman and unofficial First Mate of the ship. He was the first to be recruited to the crew and others often look to him for guidance, most notably the younger members of the ship. Zoro will often be the voice of reason when Luffy is incapable of being it. He was originally a bounty hunter, though only in the field in order to survive. Zoro is one of the rookie pirates known as the Eleven Supernovas. As a swordsman, Zoro fights with a unique style called Santōryū, meaning three-sword-style.
  • "Burglar Cat" Nami (Navigator) - Bsymbol16,000,000
    • Nami is the Navigator of the ship. She was the second to be recruited, though at the time she hated pirates and only used them to gather profits to save her home town of Cocoyashi Village from the tyrannical ruling of Arlong. As a result of her "betrayal," Nami was considered the fourth person to be recruited as she did not officially join until after Arlong's defeat. She is outside the range of being incredibly powerful on the ship, but she fights with her intellect and the unique weapon known as a Clima Tact.
  • "King of the Snipers/Sogeking" Usopp (Sharpshooter) - Bsymbol30,000,000
    • Usopp is the Sharpshooter of the ship. He was the third to be recruited, but due to events involving the deplorable condition the Going Merry was in, he left the crew in an act of animosity towards Luffy's care-free attitude about the Merry. He later returned after the rescue of Nico Robin during the Enies Lobby incident, apologizing for his actions and begging to be let back on board. Usopp is physically weak and often considered a coward in the eyes of many, but he has a resourceful way of fighting with his large slingshot Kabuto and an array of Dials as well as other inventions he spends time tinkering on in his workshop.
  • "Black Leg" Sanji (Cook) - Bsymbol77,000,000
    • Sanji is the Cook of the ship. He was the fourth to be recruited by Luffy. Due to his incredible strength, he is considered one of the top fighters of the crew, affectionately dubbed "The Monster Trio" along with Luffy and Zoro. Because of his talents as a chef, Sanji values his hands more than anything and will never use them in battle. He has an affection so strong for women that it can often distract him from things and make him easily manipulated, but he also has a chivalry so intense that he will never strike a woman for any reason, even if they are an enemy. Sanji fights with a style of martial arts known as Red Leg, using his feet to deal devastating blows to various parts of the enemies body.
  • "Cotton Candy Lover" Tony Tony Chopper (Doctor) - Bsymbol50
    • Chopper is the Doctor of the ship. He was the fifth to be recruited by Luffy, though at first he refused his offer until the events of the Drum Kingdom ended; even then, Chopper was going to stay on Drum Island, but Luffy bluntly told him to "shut up" and said "Let's go!" in an enthusiastic manner, thus recruiting the reindeer. Chopper was originally made fun of as being the emergency food supply of the ship before being called a Doctor, though he is no longer looked on as such. Sanji will often make fun of him about it, but it is only in jest and he truly cares for his well being. He fights with the various transformations of his Zoan-form, but he also created a drug known as a Rumble Ball that amplifies his transformations into even more versatile forms. However, if Chopper consumes three within six hours, he will lose control of himself and turn into a monster. His low bounty is due to the fact the Marines simply look at him as the crews pet and not a prominent fighter.
  • "Demon Child" Nico Robin (Archaeologist) - Bsymbol80,000,000
    • Robin is the Archaeologist of the ship and was the sixth member to join the ship, albeit without a recruitment process. She worked for Crocodile under the Baroque Works pseudonym of Miss All-Sunday, but was later saved by Luffy from being crushed in the Arabasta Tomb. Due to his selfless act and his cause of the destruction of Baroque Works, she had nowhere to go, so she requested to be allowed on their ship. During the events of Water 7 and Enies Lobby, Robin temporarily betrayed the crew to allow herself to be taken to Enies Lobby for incarceration, stating she wanted to die to make the world a better place. As a result of Luffy's interference, Robin was given a reason to live due to the compassion her nakama showed for her and she tearfully begged them to let her live and let them allow her to sail with them again. She fights using her Devil Fruit powers, the Hana Hana no Mi, which allows her to sprout extra limbs and use them for punishing attacks on her opponents.
  • "Cyborg" Franky (Shipwright) - Bsymbol44,000,000
    • Franky is the Shipwright of the ship and was the seventh member to join the crew, although he started out as an enemy to the Straw Hats by stealing their money and assaulting Usopp, which ended up leading to his dissension. He assisted the Straw Hats in Enies Lobby and played a crucial role in rescuing Robin, thus cementing his position as a member of the crew. Franky is a Cyborg with enhancements to the front half of his body, allowing him to fight as a living weapon. Although he is one of the older members of the crew, he is by far one of the most outrageous, sporting a speedo and a wild hairdo as well as a personality to match.
  • "Humming" Brook (Musician) - Bsymbol33,000,000
    • Brook is the Musician of the ship and was the eighth member to join the crew. He is the most bizarre of the crew, as he is a living skeleton with an afro; he lives as the undead due to his Devil Fruit, which brought his soul back to him after his body had perished, though it decayed into his current form. Brook is well over eighty years old, but he is just as childish and playful as the other members of the crew, often cracking terrible puns based on his skeletal appearance and making perverted remarks to the females of the crew. Brook fights with a fencing style of swordsmanship that utilizes Iai techniques, which are sword drawing and sheathing maneuvers and coupling that with his super speed and light weight, he can attack an enemy before they even know what hit them.
  • "Rogue Wolf" Kedamono Jeran (Carpenter) - Bsymbol36,000,000
    • Jeran is a specialist Carpenter of the ship and the ninth member to join the crew. He focuses more on the profession of repairing and mending things as opposed to building them, so he is able to put all of his time and attention into keeping the ship from suffering too much damage. His father, Ender, is a member of the World Government and disapproves entirely of his life as a pirate, going so far as almost killing him. Jeran's mother is a member of the Revolutionary army, though he has never met her once in his life. He fights with a childhood exposure to street brawling and his animal instincts of his Devil Fruit, the Garou Garou no Mi. Jeran seems to have a difficult time living as an outcast due to his inhuman appearance

Crew Strength

Despite only having a small number of members, the Straw Hats are a very powerful crew. In fact after the incident that occurred at Enies Lobby, the World Government has labeled them a very dangerous crew. All of them have at least one talent in which they are virtually perfect at and each crew member is more or less a formidable fighter in their own right. While most of them have amazing strength in one way or another, three of them, the captain, the first swordsman, and the chef, have such astonishingly inhuman strength that the rest of the crew have labeled them as the "Monster Trio". The newest crew member, Jeran, is fairly strong in his own right, and has an ability called Amano Omikami unique to his own Devil Fruit. Each crew member in the beginning has some fairly high fighting abilities, but as they progressed on each crew member has had to become stronger due to each opponent they encounter either being significantly stronger than the last or has required them to develop new skill or techniques to combat new opponents.

On our journey across the islands, all of us became stronger without even noticing.

-Part of Zoro's speech to Nami and Chopper.

While each crew member can hold their own by themselves, what makes the Straw Hats truly strong is their teamwork, which has become more important as the series has progressed. When one of them is incapable of doing a task, another can help out in their place instead. This helps the crew very much in facing odds that maybe too much for them if they work separately.

Profession and Capabilities

  • Monkey D. Luffy: Captain; Gomu Gomu no Mi, Super-Human Strength, Super-Human Speed, Haoushoku Haki
  • Roronoa Zoro: Swordsman; Santōryū master, Super-Human Strength
  • Nami: Navigator; High level navigational skills, cartography prodigy, thieving expert, Clima-Tact
  • Usopp: Sniper; Cannoneer; High level accuracy and shooting skills, excellent storyteller and artist, versatile arsenal
  • Sanji: Chef; High level cooking skills, Super-Human Strength, Black Leg Style, brilliant tactician
  • Tony Tony Chopper: Doctor; High level medical knowledge, Hito Hito no Mi, Rumble Ball
  • Nico Robin: Archaeologist; Assassination skill; High level history and overall knowledge, Hana Hana no Mi
  • Franky: Shipwright; High level carpenter skills, Cyborg modification, Super-Human Strength, versatile arsenal
  • Brook: Musician; High level music instrument player, Yomi Yomi no Mi, Fencing Style
  • Jeran: Specialist Carpenter; Garou Garou no Mi, Street Brawling, Animalistic Strength


While the Straw Hats aren't bad people, because they are pirates, they are however considered as villains by the World Government and the general public who aren't familiar with them. Being viewed as such, they have been given bounties based on how much of a threat the World Government sees them. While this is a hassle for them, like most other pirates, the majority of the Straw Hats see their bounties as a form of achievement, a sign of how much fame and recognition their actions have produced. Their current bounties total up to Bsymbol700,000,050.

"Straw Hat" Monkey D. Luffy: As the captain of the crew, Luffy has been recognized by the World Government as the most dangerous person of the Straw Hats. Originally, due to Luffy being a relatively new pirate, the Government didn't pay much attention to him. However, with each new outrageous exploit Luffy and his crew achieved, the Government's view on Luffy grew.

  • First Bounty: Bsymbol30,000,000 for defeating the top pirates of East Blue.
  • Second Bounty: Bsymbol100,000,000 for defeating Crocodile of the Shichibukai
  • Third Bounty: Bsymbol300,000,000 for defeating Rob Lucci of the CP9 and for orchestrating the assault on Enies Lobby.

"Pirate Hunter" Roronoa Zoro: Recognized as a powerful fighter within the Straw Hats through his battles with various opponents, Zoro was given a bounty by the World Government with just as much recognition as Luffy in terms of being a powerful threat.

  • First Bounty: Bsymbol60,000,000 for defeating 100 bounty hunters and assassin Daz Bones.
  • Second Bounty: Bsymbol120,000,000 for his involvement with his fellow Straw Hats in the Enies Lobby incident.

"Burglar Cat" Nami: For her involvement with her fellow crew members in Enies Lobby, Nami was recognized as a threat by the World Government and was given a bounty of Bsymbol16,000,000. While most of the other Straw Hats are impressed at having bounties, Nami however in particular doesn't like being a wanted person. Her picture was taken under the false pretense of a reporter wanting to do an article, hence the sexy pose.

"Sogeking" Usopp: For his involvement with his fellow crew members in Enies Lobby, Usopp was recognized as a threat by the World Government and was given a bounty of Bsymbol30,000,000. Due to Usopp disguising himself as Sogeking back then, the authorities attributed Usopp's bounty to his Sogeking persona. While most people easily recognize Usopp as Sogeking, Luffy, Chopper, and most of the people of Usopp's village don't recognize that they are both the same person.

"Black Leg" Sanji: For his involvement with his fellow crew members in Enies Lobby, Sanji was recognized as a threat by the World Government and was given a bounty of Bsymbol77,000,000. However, because Attachan of the Marines accidentally left the lens cap on his camera, a proper picture of Sanji was not taken and a crude drawing that barely looks like him was instead used to represent Sanji. This along with other incidents involving the picture, are part of a running gag of how Sanji has bad luck involving his bounty recognition.

"Cotton Candy Lover" Chopper: Due to being mistaken for a pet and not much of a threat, the World Government gave Chopper a measly Bsymbol50 bounty.

"Demon Child" Nico Robin: While a cover story was given to the general public to explain Robin's initial bounty, the real reason though was because the World Government saw her being able to read Poneglyphs as a threat to world safety. After joining up with the Straw Hats however, the Government's view of her became more genuine.

  • First Bounty: Bsymbol79,000,000 for sinking six Buster Call battleships (in truth, for ability to read Poneglyphs).
  • Second Bounty: Bsymbol80,000,000 for her involvement with her fellow Straw Hats in the Enies Lobby incident.

"Cyborg" Franky: While his gang's involvement in the invasion of Enies Lobby was covered up, Franky's own involvement with the Straw Hats however was recognized and thus he was given a bounty of Bsymbol44,000,000.

"Humming" Brook: In his previous life, Brook had gained a bounty of Bsymbol33,000,000 for piracy. This bounty and the picture accompanying it were issued fifty years ago, so it is unknown how his current status would affect it.

"Rogue Wolf" Kedamono Jeran: Jeran received his first bounty of Bsymbol36,000,000 by stowing away on a Marine vessel, defeating and nearly killing Marine Captain Terry and fleeing from Cipher Pol Zero operatives.

Relationships amongst the Crew

Each member of the crew values their friendships above all else. Despite their comic annoyance with each other from time to time, they also often enjoy their time together and love being a member of the crew. One of the major themes of the series is how committed they are to each other, to the point where they are willing to give up what is important and personal to them, such as their lives and even their dreams, for the well-being of any one of them who has lost their way. If one single member is hurt by an outside force (physically or emotionally), the other members will become enraged and take drastic action to avenge their brethren, as well as those they befriend on their journey.


Each member of the Straw Hats has a dream they want to achieve. These dreams are their reasons for joining Luffy's crew, and essentially the driving force behind their lives. Each Straw Hat's dream was inspired by tragedies (often deaths) in their childhoods that involved at least one person they idolized and cared for deeply. Some, like Chopper, Nami, Franky, and Usopp are fulfilling their dreams by accumulating knowledge and/or achieving a certain task while sailing the Grand Line. Others, like Robin, Zoro, Luffy, Brook, and Sanji are searching for a person, place or thing that can only be found on the Grand Line. Whatever the reason, each of the Straw Hat's dreams involve traveling the Grand Line, and each Straw Hat member refuses to die before achieving their dreams. However, their determination doesn't extend to sacrificing nor abandoning their comrades for the fulfillment of their dreams.

Members' Dreams

  • Luffy's dream is to become the Pirate King and raise a 'super' crew to back him up. To become the Pirate King, he must find Gol D. Roger's famed treasure, One Piece, which is implied to be in Raftel. As for a crew, he has brought together so far eight people who have caught his attention. Luffy is also is looking for Shanks to meet up with him again and return his straw hat to him.
  • Zoro's dream, shared with Kuina, is to become the world's greatest swordsman. To fulfill this dream, he must surpass every swordsman in the world, including the world's current greatest swordsman Mihawk. Very recently, Zoro nearly gave up his dream in an attempt to convince the Shichibukai Bartholomew Kuma from killing Luffy, proving his loyalty towards his captain as well as the rest of the crew, as he believes that he cannot be the world's strongest swordsman if he cannot protect his captain's dream (Luffy, likewise, believes that the Pirate King should have the best swordsman on his side).
  • Nami's dream is to draw a map of the entire world. She has already mapped all the areas that she has traveled, and it can be assumed that she will create a world map once the story is over. Also at the beginning of the story she was also trying to get Bsymbol100,000,000 in order to buy and save her hometown, Cocoyashi Village, from the clutches of the Fishman pirate Arlong; while her savings were confiscated after stealing Bsymbol93,000,000, in the process of stealing from pirates, she met Luffy, who defeated Arlong and freed the village.
  • Usopp's dream is to become a brave warrior of the sea like his father, Yasopp. After the Little Garden arc, he also developed a secondary dream to visit Elbaf and see the warrior giants he idolizes.
  • Sanji's dream, shared with Zeff, is to find the All Blue, a legendary ocean. It is assumed to be in the Grand Line somewhere, and waters from all over the four seas gather there, bringing fish from all over the globe. He also wished to consume the Suke Suke no Mi but unfortunately, Absalom had already eaten it. However, Sanji, upon seeing Absalom's detestable actions, changed his mind about his desire to consume it.
  • Chopper's dream is to to become a great doctor that can cure any disease. As well as to travel across the world, exploring with his friends and expanding his horizons.
  • The Going Merry's dream as the crews ship was to sail with the Straw Hats forever which it revealed to the crew upon its demise. In the end it was a dream it could not achieve, it was last seen as it was given a Viking funeral (because the "bottom of the sea is dark and lonely"). However, Merry's spirit supposedly inhabits the Straw Hats' new ship, the Thousand Sunny, and therefore its dream may live on.
  • Franky's dream is to create and travel with a dream ship which would experience countless battles, can overcome extreme hardships, and can reach the end of the Grand Line. He has created the ship which the Straw Hats are riding and it's his task to keep it in good condition.
  • Brook's dream is to return to his crewmate, Laboon, whom his former crew, the Rumbar Pirates, had left behind at Reverse Mountain for his safety with the promise to return after crossing the Grand Line. He wishes to fulfill that promise as well as that of his former crewmates who died at sea to deliver a Tone Dial of their final performance before their death.
  • Jeran's dream is to live a life full of adventure, the complete opposite of what his father wants for him. He joins the Straw Hats in order to get the thrill of a life of piracy when hearing Luffy proclaim that he is going to be the Pirate King.

Locations Visited

These locations are according to the alternate reality of World Reversion and will only pick up the list of islands and places visited after their expulsion from the Sabaody Archipelago.

West Blue


Expelled from the Grand Line

Escape from the Sabaody Archipelago

During the events of the Sabaody Archipelago, the Straw Hats call upon a Marine Admiral by attacking the Tenryūbito and causing an uproar on the Archipelago. Kizaru soon appears to answer the call, attacking various pirates including the Straw Hats. However, the Straw Hats initially engage a clone of Shichibukai Bartholomew Kuma known as a Pacifista. Although they manage to defeat one model known as PX-4, they are soon cut off from escape by another model named PX-1 and a mysterious man named Sentoumaru. Kizaru joins the hunt when the crew decides to flee back to the Thousand Sunny. However, Silvers Rayleigh, the former First Mate of Gol D. Roger intercepts Kizaru in order to help save the Straw Hats. It is all for nothing as Kuma uses his Devil Fruit power to attack Rayleigh, attempting to blast him away with his ability to repel anything. He manages to avoid the attack, but it hits the unsuspecting Straw Hats on board their vessel and blasts them out of the Grand Line, expelling from the ocean and sending them through the sky for three days and three nights. When they land, they find themselves a few miles off shore of an island in West Blue called Hitoya.

West Blue Saga

The Four Captains and the Rogue Wolf Jeran

Upon arrival outside of Hitoya, a lone prisoner just so happens to see the crash landing of the Straw Hats ship and tries to tell the Marine Captain guarding him, though he refuses to believe it, writing it off as another one of the prisoners stories. The Captain, Terry, refers to the prisoner as Kedamono Jeran. Jeran tries to make conversation with Terry by asking him what crew has a pirate flag with a straw hat on its head. He tells them that they are all over the newspapers as the ones responsible for causing the destruction of the Judiciary Island Enies Lobby. Jeran seems surprised and says to himself that things will soon start to heat up.

Docking at the island, Luffy inadvertently alerts the Marines to their presence by punching out a patrolman, prompting two of the Captains to take action and send a squadron of soldiers out as well as the remaining patrolmen to fight the Straw Hats until they arrive. At this point, Luffy took it upon himself to dash off on his own, finding his way through the Marine base and stumble upon Jeran, who he frees from his cell after knocking Terry out with the door to the prison chamber. Jeran demands to know the identity of his savior and he promptly says that his name is Luffy and he is the man who will become Pirate King. Back at the docks, the weaker soldiers get easily taken down, but at that moment, Kuragari and Hiruma appear to take over the fight. Kuragari engages Roronoa Zoro in combat, causing him some amount of difficulty with his stealth abilities until he believes the battle is won and makes a careless mistake that gets his arm shattered and causes him to be defeated by the swordsman.

After Kuragari is taken away by one of Hiruma's phantom clones due to his Devil Fruit ability, he surrounds the pirates with an army of clones, psyching them out temporarily until Brook dispatches of them all in quick succession due to his high speed attacks. Their celebration is short lived as Hiruma promptly shoots Brook in the chest and tosses him into the ocean, forcing Sanji out of the fight to go save him. Chopper and Franky try their best to defeat Hiruma but are overwhelmed by his clones and stealth tactics. After submerging with Brook, Sanji joins the fight and attempts to lure the Captain out by destroying the buildings he could be hiding in. However, the three pirates get caught in a trap set by Hiruma that causes his phantoms to materialize as solid beings that weigh them down. Hiruma takes turns shooting each of the ensnared Straw Hats and is about to turn his attention to the rest of the crew before Sanji attacks him with Diable Jambe in an attempt to finish him off. It is a futile effort as Hiruma simply diverts it by using his phantom clones as a shield to avoid it. Angered by Sanji's outburst, he turns his gun on him and prepares to kill him before he takes an exploding pellet to the back by Usopp. In a combined effort, Usopp's tactical arsenal along with Nami's genius control over weather allows them to electrocute Hiruma with her Thunder Lance Tempo and his lightning pellets, effectively stopping the Captain's tirade. During this battle, it was revealed that due to the time they spent flying out of the Grand Line for three days and three nights, it was almost impossible to prepare any food due to the speed they were going, so each of the Straw Hats were fighting on a lack of proper nutrients and food.

After the battle, a tall man was watching the monitors of the prison system and saw that Jeran's cell had been opened up. With an irritated expression, he started to pursue the intruder and went to eliminate them himself.

In the prison, Luffy immediately asks Jeran if he wants to join his crew, but before Jeran can properly answer him, Terry awakens and starts a battle with the two of them. Luffy and Terry trade blows for a prolonged period before Luffy tries to blast him into the ocean with his Bazooka attack, but is almost dragged down along with him. Jeran decides to act and saves Luffy, bringing both of them into safety as they land on the cliff side to continue their fight. It does not go on for much longer as Jeran steps in to take over, noting Luffy's hunger and he informs him of a kitchen in the Marine base, which is all it takes for Luffy to surrender the fight over to Jeran. Before Luffy leaves, Jeran says to him that they will have a new nakama after everything is said and done.

The battle continues between Jeran and Terry with the Captain mocking his opponent by saying he would not be able to survive any of his blows unlike the rubber man before him. Terry goes in for a quick finish which Jeran narrowly avoids, though he is blinded by the resulting debris that is shot up and takes a brutal hit to the side of his head, dazing him but just falling short of knocking him out. Jeran takes advantage of Terry's open defense and tosses him into the air, following after him and using a rapid rotation to tear into and through the metal defense of his Devil Fruit in order to end the battle and finish him off.

Luffy managed to find the kitchen of the Marine base and devoured everything he could get his hands on, renewing his stamina and vigor. He turned to see the door open, assuming it was Jeran and looking generally excited, but he was proven wrong when the man who saw the prison escape on the monitor appeared. Luffy was forced into a fight with the fourth Captain of the Hitoya base, Rick "The Slick" Rodrieguz. Initially, Luffy was unable to land any blows on Rick because of his erratic "dancing" movements that allowed him to dodge his attacks. Out of desperation in an attempt to hit him, Luffy used a maneuver that turned him into a literal vacuum that drew everything in the room towards him with a heavy spinning force until he released it and sent it flying everywhere. No damage was down to Rick, but the dust and debris in the room prevented him from seeing Luffy so he was hit by a hard punch to the face. Rick was flustered that Luffy discovered his weakness, but the pirate Captain was too simple minded to see it on his own. However, because of Rick focusing so much of Luffy's attention on it and that he would not allow it to happen again, he came to the realization that the dust blinded him. Luffy knocked up all the dust in the room after grabbing a pair of brooms and proceeded to pound away at Rick, but before the final blow could be landed, one of Rick's mercenaries interrupted the fight and struck Luffy in the back with a clawed gauntlet. Rick referred to the man as Brago and took the distraction as an opportunity to escape. Jumping from one fight to the next, Luffy immediately tried to finish Brago off with a flurry of power packed punches, but none of them seemed to do any damage to him, apparently due to Brago being a durable and resilient individual.

At the docks, Zoro sensed there was something amiss with Luffy due to his bond with the Captain, so he took it upon himself to start to head to the base. Despite it being in plain sight of him, he got lost a few times, but arrived in the nick of time to take Luffy's fight against Brago off his hands and allow him to pursue Rick. Brago was about to reveal a deadly looking scythe weapon to battle Zoro, but a well placed Oni Giri finished the Bounty Hunter off with Zoro stating that he was a lot more damaged than what he let on from Luffy's attacks.

In the hall, Luffy was ambushed by Rick and he managed to score a good hit on him, but Luffy punched him away and the two took the fight outside of the Marine base with Rick launching Luffy into the air, attempting to hurl him into the ocean. Luffy managed to catch himself and pull himself on by latching onto Rick. It was at that point that he activated Gear Second and finished Rick off with a quick burst of attacks following a harsh punch to his temples on both sides, knocking Rick out and leaving him defeated.

A mysterious individual with red hair was last seen spying on the Straw Hats from a shady building in alley, commenting on how that the crew was the one with the total bounty of over Bsymbol700,000,000.

The Red Haired Doctor and a Dark Secret

Luffy came back to the docks of Hitoya with Zoro and Jeran along with him, though everyone was still injured from their battles. Jeran took the time to formally introduce himself as a carpenter, stating that while all good ships had a shipwright at hand, he was a specialist in the tools of his trade and that he would prove his mettle when it really mattered. Jeran initially volunteered to help transport his new nakama onto the Sunny, but that never transpired as they were interrupted by a mysterious individual with red hair; he was the same one spying on them, but they were not yet aware of it. He told them that he had a back alley hospital and that he would treat them all for defeating the Marines that had been oppressing the island for so long. Several of the Straw Hats did not trust him, but Luffy thoughtlessly dragged them off to his hospital and allowed them to be treated by the doctor, who revealed he had a Devil Fruit power that let him heal the wounds of others at an accelerated rate.

He introduced himself as Nadeisco and offered the others to some food he had in the front room of his house, which was also the hospital. They willingly accepted and Nadeisco quietly shut the door, locking it as well before dropping the heavy cloak he was wearing and exposing a black suit under it. He had given Jeran an anesthesia to help numb the pain, but it was also tainted with a toxin that paralyzed him. Nadeisco kept demanding from Jeran that he wanted information and he stabbed him in the leg with a scalpel in an attempt to get it out of him, but since Jeran felt no pain, he could not be tortured. Nadeisco insinuated that cutting off one of his fingers would probably loosen his tongue. In an act of anger for Jeran resisting him, Nadeisco kicked the futon he was resting on over and alerted the others to the disturbance within. Luffy picked the lock to the room by conforming his rubber finger to the shape of it and went inside just in time to see Nadeisco helping Jeran back up on the bed. Luffy was supposedly fooled for the time being, but he quickly turned around and punched him through the wall of the hospital, bringing the wall down on top of him and apparently knocking him out. However, Nadeisco stood back up to his feet, undamaged, and told Luffy that he was going to send him to a prison where people like him belonged.

Luffy's fight with Nadeisco continued in the middle of the hospital with Luffy using some of his most powerful attacks without resorting to his Gear abilities. It soon became apparent from Nadeisco's ability to recover his wounds that his Devil Fruit applied to him as well and not just the healing of others. He also revealed the knowledge of Rokushiki and stopped Luffy's attacks with Tekkai before injuring him with Shigan that was augmented by his Devil Fruit to damage the veins within Luffy's arm and draw blood despite him being a rubber man. Zoro made the comparison of him being like the CP9 agents, but he argued that fact and said he was part of a black ops organization called Cipher Pol Number Zero. Robin denied the organization even existing, saying the Cipher Pols stopped at Number Nine. However, he went on to explain that CP0 existed outside of the eye of the public and was only known to Fleet Admiral Sengoku and his three Admirals. Having grown tired of hearing him talk, Luffy punched him and took him to the ground, but Nadeisco simply recovered again with his healing capabilities. After it became apparent that his normal attacks were doing little to no damage, he was about to resort to using Gear Third, though he was stopped by Nami.

She stepped in to try and fight and Zoro followed suit, but they were soon interrupted by cannon fire from Rick's Marine ship. Nadeisco soon escaped the island after a short confrontation with Rick. Aboard his vessel, Rick was bandaged up around the head from his fight with Luffy and Brago was beside of him on the deck, having bandages wrapped around his torso from the damage he took when fighting Zoro. The two of them were going to continue attacking the island before all of the Straw Hats emerged from the rubble of the now destroyed hospital and simply walked to the dock to board the Sunny. Clearly Rick did not appreciate being ignored, so he tried to shoot at them, but Luffy simply shot it back at them and just barely missed their mast as a warning shot. At that point, they all got on board and started to leave Hitoya, but Rick continued to open fire on them until Luffy returned one of their cannonballs and broke their mast off, rendering them unable to pursue them. Franky orchestrated a daring escape with his Coup de Burst and the Sunny was shot off into the open sea.

After they escaped, Jeran pondered why Nadeisco was hunting him and remembered the only real enemies he had was a pirate crew called the Black Hole pirates. He thought he would go back home and ask his father if he knew them. Luffy proposed it was time for them to return to the Grand Line, but Jeran requested a side trip to see his old man before they went running off into the Grand Line so he could let him know that he was alive and well. Luffy agreed to the trip, but before they could get very far away, Jeran took notice of the Black Hole pirates ship approaching fast from a distance.

The Black Hole on the Sea

The ship of the Black Hole Pirates attempted to attack the Straw Hats with cannon fire, but failed when the attacks were repelled by the respective members of their enemy crew. Ryoku, the captain of the crew, gave the order for them to mobilize towards the Thousand Sunny with the intention of boarding the ship. As soon as they attempted to do it, Luffy knocked all of the enemies away with his Gomu Gomu no Gatling.

Luffy then latched onto the ship and pulled himself over to the other side, attempting to attack Ryoku, but he was stopped by a large iron man named Tetsu. Luffy demanded to know who he was, but Jeran recognized him after having joined his captain on the ship.

Tetsu was about to attack Jeran, but Ryoku told him that he was his prey and said that he could deal with the rest of the Straw Hats himself. Jeran and Ryoku got into a fight that quickly ended with Jeran being crushed onto the deck due to Ryoku's Devil Fruit abilities. Ryoku used his Gravity Axe technique in a failed attempt to kill Jeran seeing as how the wolf shifted to his Walking Point form, making himself smaller and able to avoid the attack.

Stating he would not fail again, Ryoku proceeded to attack again with the same maneuver, but Chopper came on the scene in the nick of time and with the help of his Rumble Ball, blocked Ryoku's second assault, giving Jeran the time he needed to ingest a Rumble Ball of his own and unlock his hidden powers as a Zoan-type.

First, Jeran took it upon himself to break free from Ryoku's Gravity Bind with his Feral Point until he changed into his Claw Point and went on the attack with his Garou Garou no Juusei, missing Ryoku due to the erratic and wild flurry of blows. It was not until the Marine vessel of Rick showed up again did Ryoku lose focus long enough for Jeran to score a blow into his stomach, slamming him into and below the deck of the G-Force.

Brago stood on the railing of Rick's ship and called for a man named Sambo to assist in finishing off the Straw Hats, effectively interrupting the battle between them and the Black Hole Pirates. Luffy engaged in battle against Tetsu, unable to harm him due to his iron body granted to him by his Devil Fruit. He asked Sanji for assistance in the battle, saying he needed his mouth open. With a series of swift kicks, Sanji was able to get Tetsu's mouth open, allowing Luffy to shove his hand down Tetsu's throat and grab his uvula, causing the man to vomit. It was mostly a joke attack to hurt Tetsu's pride. In anger, Tetsu said that if Luffy did not start to get serious, he would not survive the life he was living. Luffy suddenly put a fierce expression on and was about to use Gear Second, but Sanji kicked him aside to stop him from using such dangerous abilities and activated his Diable Jambe, injuring Tetsu by burning his iron body to the point that the man could no longer take the pain and jumped into the sea to stop the scorching burns. After most of the Black Hole Pirates had been defeated, Brago attacked Sanji by putting a claw in his back. Both he and Jabari prepared to fight Sanji until Zoro arrived in order to prevent a two-on-one unfair fight. The two of them then prepared to fight together in order to defeat their opponents.

Brago revealed his scythe against Zoro, the Hitokage, his named and most powerful weapon. He had Zoro on the ropes for a short time by keeping him at a far distance with a chain made of Kairouseki that prevented Zoro from cutting it. Sambo fought against Sanji at first, rendering his kicks virtually useless by wrapping him up with his legs and debilitating him from attacking at his full strength. When Zoro and Sanji switched opponents, he was quickly defeated by Sanji and his mask was shattered from all the kicks. While Sambo tried to attack Zoro's legs, he made the mistake in letting the swordsman get airborne, which in turn allowed Zoro to cut up Sambo's legs and the rest of his body as well.

While Rick was about to stand and fight against Zoro and Sanji, Ryoku interrupted him by rising to his feet and attempting to crush the Thousand Sunny with his powers over gravity. After the battle with Ryoku and Rick ended by Ryoku assisting Luffy in defeating the Marine, they formed enough of a temporary truce to part ways until they met again in the Grand Line.

Jeran's Homecoming

After the battle with Ryoku and Rick ended with by Ryoku assisting Luffy in defeating the Marine, they formed enough of a temporary truce to part ways until they met again in the Grand Line. Afterward, they sailed to Parm, taking a few days to reach their destination.

Upon arriving, they went to Jeran's home where he was attacked by his father, the latter saying he would rather see his son die than to surrender him to the hands of a pirate crew. However, when Luffy protected him, Ender seemed relieved that his son had such loyal nakama to take care of him. It was all a facade to protect his identity as a member of CP0 so that he could later capture him.

Nadeisco soon arrived at the island two days after the Straw Hats arrived and instigated a fight with Jeran's father, Ender.

While Ender tried valiantly to fight against Nadeisco, he was unsuccessful in defeating him. It was not because he wasn't skilled enough to defeat Nadeisco, but because he had to keep his cover up. When it seemed as if Ender was going to be seriously injured by Nadeisco, Luffy stepped in and fought Nadeisco, beating him into submission and breaking his arms so he couldn't heal himself any longer.

Immediately after, Ender showed his true colors, attacking Luffy and knocking him unconscious before turning his sights to his son, telling him he had one opportunity to join the World Government in the name of "justice" before he had to kill him. Jeran flew into a rage after being stunned by the revelation and attacked his father.

The fight between Jeran and Ender was short and vicious, proving that the younger Kedamono was unable to stand up to his father and his Rokushiki abilities. Ender then used his Devil Fruit abilities to take over Jeran's body and use him to fight against Zoro. He was shocked to see that the swordsman attacked him with such ferocity even though it was his nakama. As the sun began to go down, Ender discovered that the myth about Devil Fruits was true as he came into contact with the devil within Jeran's Devil Fruit. It called itself Tsukuyomi, forcing Ender out of his body and activating Gear Second in Jeran's body. He went on the attack, overpowering him until Ender managed to score a blow on his skull, supposedly killing him.

During that time, Usopp lead an attack on Kotoki with the help of Nami, Franky, and Brook. Sanji and Chopper carried Luffy off the battle in order to treat his wounds and bring him out from his unconsciousness. Their efforts were mostly unsuccessful because she utilized her Devil Fruit abilities to teleport all over the place to avoid their attacks.

She was finally defeated with a combined effort between Usopp and Nami when Usopp created his smoke screen from his Breath Dial and Nami used her Tact to make cloud covers. Usopp fired his Flame Star, igniting the gas and causing some minor burns to Kotoki. It wasn't until Franky used the Impact Dial that she was finally knocked out of the fight.

Luffy came to just in time to see Jeran get knocked out by Ender. He flew into a rage and began to beat Ender into submission until Jeran came to and finished the fight under the complete control of Tsukuyomi. After the fight was over, the crowd of Sawdust Village turned violent and ran the Straw Hats out of town, leaving them with a hollow victory.

Return to the Grand Line

Blank Island Saga

False Accusations

The first island that the Straw Hat Pirates arrived at after returning to the Grand Line was Blank Island and it was the home of a militaristic army known only as the Sentinels that protected it from rookie pirates that first entered the deadly sea. They were unaware that the Buggy Pirates had also arrived and encountered the Senior General Amol. The Straw Hats faced off against a bunch of rookie pirates that were causing trouble on the shores of the island before Junior General Nae showed up and accused them of being the ones who caused all the damage. Jeran took it as a personal insult and got into a short fight with the Sentinel that ended abruptly when Nami knocked both of them out.

Amol appeared as soon as the fight ended and reprimanded his subordinate for wrongly accusing the Straw Hats of causing trouble when they were the ones who cleared out the trouble making pirates. He offered them a place to spend the night but before they could take him up on the offer, the Buggy Pirates returned to attack with the clown pirate declaring his revenge on Luffy.

However Luffy did not even remember who he was and opted to simply sit out with the fight along with half the crew while Chopper, Robin, Franky, Brook and Jeran were left to fight them. They made short work of the Impel Down inmates before taking out the Buggy Pirates with a minor amount of trouble.

Conspiracy Afoot

Tobias approached the Straw Hat Pirates along with his subordinate Notus in order to retrieve Amol and Nae from their care. Zoro was initially suspicious of them but he sensed the genuine honesty in Tobias' words and allowed him on the ship to recover his allies. Robin agreed to help them transport their large numbers back to the headquarters.

Major Battles

Miscellaneous Information

The following information is based on the miscellaneous information by Eiichiro Oda in reference to the Mugiwara Pirates, which is composed by questions often asked in the SBS portions of the manga.

Animal Resemblance

Specific Numbers

Specific Colors

Specific Smells

Tony Tony Chopper was able to identify all the smells of the crew members when he joined, but was unable to figure out his own smell. However, ever since Jeran joined, he was able to tell what Chopper's smell was for him.

As a Family

With the addition of Jeran, who is older than Luffy and Usopp, the positions changed as to the order of sons.

Favorite Food

  • Monkey D. Luffy: Meat
  • Roronoa Zoro: White rice, sea king meat, and anything that compliments ale
  • Nami: Mainly oranges as well as other kinds of fruit
  • Usopp: Pike from an autumn island as well as other fish of the season, hates mushrooms
  • Sanji: Spicy seafood pasta and food that compliments black tea
  • Tony Tony Chopper: Cotton candy, chocolate and other sweet food and drink
  • Nico Robin: Sandwiches, cakes that aren't too sweet and food that compliments coffee
  • Franky: Hamburgers, french fries and food that compliments cola
  • Brook: Tea and takoyaki
  • Kedamono Jeran: Any kind of raw meat, fish, or chicken.


  • These Straw Hats are no different from their canon counterparts, but exist in an alternate reality from what is currently going on in the original series.

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