Sugi Sugi no Mi

Translation Mercury Mercury Fruit
Meaning Mercury, Quicksilver
English Name Merc Merc Fruit
Type Logia
Power Allows the user to transform their body into a limitless amount of liquid mercury.
Eaten By Admiral Calomel
Story / Creator Nettlekid

The Sugi Sugi no Mi, coming from "suigin," Japanese for mercury, is a Logia type Devil Fruit which allows the user to dissolve entirely into a pool of quicksilver. This fruit was eaten by Marine Admiral Calomel. She doesn't think it was given a very creative or clever name, but what's done is done.


The Sugi Sugi no Mi resembled a shiny gray pineapple, with jagged spikes covered in spirals. Inside, it was black.


This fruit lets the user turn any part of their body, or their entire body, into liquid mercury. With this power, the user can flood any battlefield with huge amounts of metal under their control. The mercury can be used to drown opponents, or poison them through their mouth or even skin. Once the opponent touches the mercury, they don't have much hope left. The mercury cannot be made solid, so Calomel can't create clubs or swords out of the metal to fight with, but she doesn't really need to. Even though she's capable of turning into liquid to dodge attacks, because mercury is very dense she is resistive to blunt force, capable of taking a hit and pushing through to the opponent. This density also allows her to do serious damage simply by crashing a wave of mercury on them. Mercury is denser than most metals, so even cannonballs can be kept afloat on top of her transformed body. This goes a good way to defending a ship. Mercury can also bond to many metals, forming an amalgam, hence Calomel's epithet. By bonding with any metal (besides iron, unfortunately) Calomel can disarm her opponent and destroy things like guns and even ships, and then turn the metal against her opponent.


Like most liquid Logia fruits, Calomel can be trapped inside a container and rendered unable to overflow its volume and escape. Mercury evaporates quickly, so she has to keep a steady stream going or else it will all disappear. The gas is poisonous though, and acts as another weapon (to which Calomel is immune, fortunately.) Mercury is very electrically conductive, so any electric attack will carry through her whole body and harm her. Calomel will often lie and say that magnets hold her together, making her unable to dissolve, so even a Log Pose will trap her. This is a lie though, as mercury is not magnetic. Because mercury is very dense it will sink very rapidly in water, so falling in water is even more dangerous for Calomel than most Devil Fruit users, as she will sink to the bottom fast and will be very hard to recover. Because of this, Calomel has developed a great fear of water which occasionally interferes with her duties.

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