Sumato Sumato no Mi

Translation Think Think Fruit
Meaning Think
English Name Think Think Fruit
Type Paramecia
Power Advance Thinking, Psychokinsis
Eaten By Henry D. William
Story / Creator

The Sumato Sumato no Mi is a Paramecia type Devil that was eaten by Henry D. William. It increases the users ability to think and remember information. Because of this, if enough knowledge is gained, it can give the user phychokinesises.


It looks like a black orange with orange swirls.


It allows the user to think and remember better. Because of this, it will make problem solving and remembering "Logical" information. It even allows phychokinesis, if the user becomes smart enough. The smarter the user the more phychokinesis the user can use, and the more potent and effective they become.


Since it helps you think and remember logical information, it will cause the user to easily forgot peoples names, and give them "Logical" names, like bigs for a fat guy. Over use of the psychokinesis will cause headaches, migranes, mental exhaustion, and fainting. Other than that, it has the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.


Being better at thinking would help with problem solving, thinking on the spot, and figuring out an oppents weakness. Remember would help when you have to retain information, like when your trying to learn a new skill. The phychokinesises would help with everyday think like warming something up, or moving something, and could help in battle.


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