Supezu Supezu no Mi
Japanese Name: Supezu Supezu no Mi
English Name: Space Space Fruit
Meaning: Space
Power: Become Space
Type: Logia
Eaten by: Ren Jester
Created by: NightEve
Supezu Supezu no Mi is a logia-type devil fruit that makes the user to become space. Eaten by Ren Jester, the Captain of Insanity Hearts Pirates

Appearance: Edit

It looks like a pitch black circular fruit that is covered in while spots that glimmers in a patterns similar to galaxies.

The stem is shaped like a comet and is blue in colour

Strengths: Edit

The fruit allows the user to become space, being able to manipulate any form of space. The user can create bolts of cutting space that can cut through anything even through logia-type users when using their powers.. They can teleport anywhere at will. No attacks can harm. The user can store objects within their body.

Weaknesses: Edit

Majority of her powers requires high stamina and sometimes high concentration to use. Like her teleporting uses more stamina the further it gets and requires a lot of concentrations for precise teleporting.

Stored items in the user's body still contains mass making the user heavier but denser at the same time while not changing their shape at all.

Cutting Space can cut through objects with ease, but acts like a blade to the living things due to their life force protecting them

The energy known as Life force can hinder her attacks


Usage: Edit

Space Space Begone Existence Edit

Her most dangerous attack. She can erase a person's existence from all of time erasing anyone even knowing the person existed. But requires massive amounts of concentrations and drains her stamina at frightening rates. The target must not move as well. Uses more time than Space Space Begone

Space Space Begone Incompleted Edit

Any move she use to erase her enemies forever that is incompleted causing the victims to become ghost-like. They will fade away with time. During that stage, the victims can pass through the living but not objects. They can possess the weak willed people to gain a new body but the possessed one will died. The victims will gain the possessed memories.

Space Space Begone Edit

She can erase one's body forever. Requires alot of concentrations and drains her stamina at frightening rates. The target must not move as well.

Space Space Cutting Space Edit

By controlling space, Ren can cut through anything by shooting it as a projectile, with her blades or arms. But life force can hinder the cut allowing the victims to maybe survive.

Space Space Teleport Edit

She can teleport but requires stamina to do so the further the teleport. Precise teleport also requires concentration as well.

Space Space Creation Edit

One of her strongest abilities. She has the ability to create something out of nothing. But requires lots of stamina and concentration. Requires the energy from Space Space Destruction Objects.

Space Space Destruction Objects Edit

By destroying objects/non-living, she gains a special energy that allows her to use Space Space Creation.

Space Storage Edit

She can store items within her body

Space Space Weapons Edit

She can create weapons out of her cutting space power.

Space Space Crusher Edit

She can manipulate the space above the victims to crush them

Space Space Orb Storage Edit

She creates orbs of space that she uses to store many things such as bombs, people, blades and etc to attack with like 1 orb could contain 1,000,000 dynamite.

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