Sweetwater Pirates
Main Ship The Ambrosia
Jolly Roger A slightly less detailed, but none-the-less accurate skull. The two bones behind the skull have been replaced with peppermint sticks.
Base Grand Line
Captain Mikarla Chamberlaine
Type Peace Maine
Crew Population 7 (6 Humans, 1 Animal)
Total Bounty [1]500,000,000

The Sweetwater Pirates (キャンディ海賊版, Kyandi Kaizokudan), are a female majority pirate crew hailing from the East Blue region. Four members of the crew, including the Captain, Mikarla Chamberlaine, are female. One thing unique about The Sweetwater Pirates is the fact that each member, even the pet, posseses powers from a devil fruit. This pirate crew is fairly young, having existed for only a little over two years. Though each of the crew members has a specific dream in mind, their collective friendship and love of adventure unites them as a pirate crew not to take lightly. Though all members hail from East Blue, their base of operations is a small island named Mollie's Cove in the Grand Line. The crew has a total bounty of [2] 500,000,000.


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