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Age: 12
Gender: female
Blood type: Unknown
Birthdate: Unknown
Island of Origin:Wutai (in east blue)
Devil Fruit: Nuru Nuru No Mi
Position: Commander
Family: None
Dream: To be the best artist.

Here is cute Temari!


Temari is a little kid but sometimes she appears as if were just a lost child but she really is marine commander. She can also appear scary and realy cute!


Temari has childish personality and a "kind to nature" personality. The one thing also about her personality is that when you make her angry she looks really scary. She is also very cute! Temari also uses a voice that is cute like chopper's but when she is angry her voice is deep.

Devil Fruit/Fighting StyleEdit

Temari's devil is the Nuru Nuru No Mi (paint paint fruit). The fighing style of her is just user her fingers tips make a joint losen but the joint goes back to normal after an hour.


Temari's guardian is Kuzan (Aokiji)! Kuzan is a good guardian even though she mostly is behind his legs.


Temari's entire family were marines but one day when she was 6 her house was on fire and her family was inside so she was the last one left of her family.

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