The Tempo Tempo no Mi is a Paramecia type Devil Fruit that allows its user to vibrate objects at different frequencies. It was eaten by Largo Tempo.

Tempo Tempo no Mi
Japanese Name: リズムリズムの実
English Name: Tempo-Tempo Fruit
Meaning: Rhythm/Tempo
Power: Vibrate objects at different frequencies
Type: Paramecia
Eaten by: Largo Tempo
Created by: Alphabetadelta


The Tempo Tempo no Mi looks like a red banana with darker red polka dots.


The main strength of the Tempo Tempo no Mi is that the user can vibrate anything he touches to the point the frequencies breaks the object. The user can also vibrate the air to create blasts of sound to hurt and/or incapacitate enemies. A less practical use of the fruits powers is creating music by vibrating the air like a tuning fork.


The main weakness of the fruit is that the user must be in contact with the desired object, another great drawback is that the destruction of the target is not instant, Largo must manually adjust the frequencies to destroy the object. Aside from that, the user is still affected by the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.


Largo mainly uses his power to destroy objects(prison walls etc.). And creating music when bored.


  • Snap!: When the right frequency is found, Largo simply yells Snap! And the object breaks.
  • Blast!: By vibrating the air in front of him, Largo launches a shock wave of sound at the target.
  • Shriek!: Largo creates a high pitched noise by vibrating the air causing intense pain on the victim.


  • Devil Fruit created by Alphabetadelta.

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