The Ten'nōsei Ten'nōsei no Mi (lit. Uranus-Uranus Fruit) is one of the three Ancient Weapons, a Paramecia Devil Fruit allowing the user control over spacial flares via the Sun and stars. It was eaten by Void Century survivor Ura/Noroi.

Appearance Edit

Though not stated, the appearance can be assumed to be of an orange/red/yellow colour.

Strengths Edit

The Ten'nōsei Ten'nōsei no Mi forces the consumer to create an emotional bond with the Sun and nearest stars, giving them free range control over the extent of their reach. Its power is described as apocalyptic, and is thus kept a secret from the outside world.

  • Solar Flare - The Gorosei stated that if Ura were to become angry, he could set forth solar flares upon land, thus destroying islands. While it was not expanded upon, it is hinted that Ura's power has already succeeded in killing millions.
  • Water Evaporation - Ura has shown fear that if he were to lose control of his power, he would have the ability to dry up entire Oceans. This presumably means that, while not shown, he has the power to manipulate where solar flares fall.
  • Temperature Manipulation - It is hinted by the Gorosei that Ura's emotions can control the humidity of the air via the heat of the sun, such as when his sadness causes it to become colder.

Weaknesses Edit

Aside from the basic weaknesses all Devil Fruit users suffer, the Ten'nōsei Ten'nōsei no Mi can have terrible emotional and psychological strain on the consumer, as shown with Ura's fear of losing control and killing millions. As the solar flares and stars can only be moved by one's emotions, it would takes intense training of the mind and body before one could fully master the power, and due to Ura's imprisonment, it is unlikely he has such training, though the hundreds of years between the Void Century and the present are currently unaccounted for.

Reference Edit

A-Giant-Fan, "National Treasure" - (

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