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Crew Info
Untitled design
Main Ship The Piece of Crap (Jokingly/Seriously named by Crew); Fishhook (Appears later in story)
Jolly Roger A Red Flag with a smiling skull wearing a fedora with a feather
Base None
Captain Cobra D. Red
Type Neutral
Crew Population One at first, but will grow later in story
Total Bounty Bsymbol1,000

The Cobra Pirates are a rag-tag group of pirates who consist of so far in their story, a Captain, a Swordsman, and a Doctor. They will however have more later in the story.

Main Crew Members Edit

  1. Cobra D. Red (Captain) - 1,000 beli
  2. Miles Buredo (Swordsman) - 0 beli
  3. Bede Cordova (Doctor) - 0 beli

Crew Strength Edit

Considering the fact that there are only three members of the crew in the story Changing Tides: Pirate Wars, they are pretty weak, although the Captain of the crew is pretty strong, and has the power of the Akua Akua no Mi, also Timur is an up-and-coming swordsman who has defeated some forms of strong characters. And Bede is a doctor, but he can also be deadly in fights, due to his knowledge of the human body.

So in reality, they are a pretty strong crew already.

Goals Edit

Red hopes to one day defeat the Monkey family and become King of the Pirates, maybe killing two birds with one stone.

Miles hopes to be stronger then any swordsman ever, even if he has to get blood on his hands doing it.

Bede hopes to be able to cure any disease, which is the collective thought of the doctoring world.

Locations Visited Edit

The Crew have not had their journey go far, they have only visited two islands.

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