The Giant Throne


The Giant Throne as it appears in books

The Giant Throne is an enormous, seemingly natural rock formation atop a mountain, apparently eroded into the shape of a rocking chair.


The Giant Throne sits atop a mountain in the New World of the Grand Line. It rocks gently in the wind atop the mountain.


Despite the striking resemblance to a throne-like rocking chair, the Giant Throne seems to be a natural rock formation. However, it is not attached to the mountain it sits atop, even being able to rock in the wind.

Original Purpose

Despite being a natural formation, legends abound about some sort of giant creature that ruled over the New World with tyranny, but sat atop this throne and was lulled to sleep by the rocking motions.

Current Purpose

Mostly just a tourist attraction for pirates who are travelling through the New World. Even has a town set up under the mountain.

Claw Marks

Curiously, the formation has several claw marks on it, perhaps suggesting that a creature once did sit upon it.

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