The Lost Age of Pirates

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Author Aldo Marino
Date Published 2-2-10
Fiction Rated T
Language English
Genre Adventure/Suspense
Chapters 6
Status In Progress

The Lost Age of Pirates is a futuristic One Piece fanfiction written by Aldo Marino, created on Feburary 2, 2010 and currently in progress. It is posted on under the category One Piece.

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Plot Edit

Thirty years ago, Monkey D. Luffy was captured by the Marines and given a public execution. With his death, the Age of Pirates started by Gold Roger came to an end and the World Government rose in power. Acts of piracy began to lower, though it has never truly ended, and the treasure of One Piece became nothing more then a myth and a legend. And yet there are still some fools who still go after One Piece, those who refuse to give up the dream. Ken Izumi is one of those fools and he won't stop until he can begin a new pirate age.

Characters Edit

Prelude PiratesEdit

Main Article: Prelude Pirates


  • Bane
    • A Marine Captain, Bane is currently stationed in Kaihei Island. He regularly disrespects his subordinates and most of them would have no problems if he died. He has a special dislike of Sai for letting a prisoner escape, though it was more Bane's fault for having him guard a prisoner that was out of Sai's league. He fights using his "iron limbs", elbows and knees that have been replaced by iron plates. He was defeated by Ken when the boy broke his iron knees. Despite the power from his plates, on his own, he is extremely weak.

World Government AlliesEdit

  • Kota Izumi
    • Ken's father, he works for the World Government as part of CP9. While his actual skill in battle is unknown, he is shown to use Rokushiki against Fang and is strong enough to survive a battle with him. He cares deeply about his sons and allows them to do as they like, regardless of rather or not he agrees with their decisions.

Bounty HuntersEdit

Other PiratesEdit

  • "Hydra" Fang D. Rigan
    • A famous pirate from the Grand Line, Fang was born in East Blue. Within two months of becoming a pirate, he became one of the most powerful pirates in the world with a bounty 700,000,000 beri. He regularly makes trips to the Blues to make sure nobody weak is trying to enter the Grand Line. He is somewhat sadistic, his bounty poster even showing him playing his guitar on a mound of corpses. He seems to have a hatred of anybody named Izumi as he seems to have been defeated by Kota and Kai. He ate the Hebi Hebi no Mi, Model: Hydra giving him the ability to change into a Hydra or Hydra-hybrid. This power is what makes him nearly invincible as his heads constantly grow back whenever somebody cuts them off.

Other CharactersEdit

  • Dominare
    • The ringmaster of the Circo Da Bestias who uses Zoan devil fruit users in his animal show. His show is often dramatic and dangerous, usually resulting in at least one person getting either hurt or threatened. He carries around a whip to discipline the "beasts" in his show. He cares little about the actual performers in his circus so long as he's safe. Vel poisoned him before they left and his current fate is unknown.
  • Tenshi
    • An act in the Circo Da Bestias, known as the angel of death. He ate the Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Crow and his preformances usually end with him dropping someone from a great height. He tried to attack Ken at the circus, but was easily defeated due to his overall weakness and overconfidence from others fearing him. He was one of the two chosen to punish Vel, but was defeated by Ken again.
  • Arachne
    • An act in the Circo Da Bestias, Arachne ate the Kumo Kumo no Mi, Model Black Widow. She is a vain woman who hates her devil fruit because it makes her ugly. She also hates Vel for being beautiful even in her hybrid form. She was chosen to punish Vel along with Tenshi, but was easily defeated by the girl.


East Blue Edit

  • Hanshin Island
  • Rotonda Island
  • Kaihei Island

South Blue Edit

North Blue Edit

West Blue Edit

Grand Line Edit

East Blue SagaEdit


# Chapter Title Chapter Summary
1 Prologue: The Foolish Dreamer Ken Izumi, a young man who is one of the few that refuses to give up on One Piece, leaves the his small home island of Hanshin to search out adventure in the early dawn, ready to begin his adventure and begin the second age of pirates.

Rotonda Island ArcEdit

# Chapter Title Chapter Summary
2 Circo Da Bestias Part 1: The Zoan Circus After two days of starving himself, Ken's new ship is taken by a strange ship to the island of Rotonda in East Blue. While there, he discovers the Circo Da Bestias, the owner of the ship that took him and the apparent main form of entertainment on the island. Investigating, Ken discovers that the Circo is a dangerous animal show using Zoan-devil fruit users as the animals. When he's discovered not paying for the show, Ken collapses the entire tent, allowing him to sneak away before he is knocked out.
3 Circo Da Bestias Part 2: Escape From the Circus! The First Nakama! Ken learns more about the circus, namely the reason for his kidnapping and learns part of the snake girl Veleno's history. Though they originally become close friends, Vel gets angry when she was asked to join Ken's crew and instead tries to escape on her own. She is captured by Dominare and tied to a post with seastone. As she is about to be punished by two of the Zoan users in the circus, Ken comes to save her under the condition that she joins his crew. Together the two of them escape and the next day they set out on their ship, now named the Falcon's Melody.

Kaihei Island ArcEdit

# Chapter Title Chapter Summary
4 Welcome to Kaihei! The Dreaded Hydra Two days after the events on Rotonda, Ken and Vel land at Kaiehi Island and talk about their dreams and pasts. They are interrupted by a low bounty pirate who is quickly killed by the Hydra, Fang D. Rigan. Sneaking away from him, the small crew discovers their ship missing and head towards the Marine base to get it back, Fang following them undetected. Meanwhile, the fishman who found their ship, Sai Ito, is being mistreated by his Captain and decides to confront the crew to prove he's not useless.
5 Recover the Melody Part 1: Storming the Base In front of the Marine base, Ken and Vel meet up with Sai, who decides to help them recover their ship after attempting to fight them. Ken sends Sai and Vel to get the Melody back while he heads to Captain Bane's office to steal a Grand Line map. There, he makes a brief encounter with his father, who forces him into a battle with the iron elbowed and kneed Bane. Though the battle starts out one-sided, with Bane easily hammering Ken over and over with his iron limbs, Ken eventually destroys both of his knees with his own steel yo-yos and takes the map. At the same time, Vel and Sai recover the ship only to be challenged by Fang for unclear reasons beyond Ken's last name.
6 Recover the Melody Part 2: Rookies vs Expert! The Seconds Nakama! Sai and Vel attempt to survive in their battle against Fang with failed results. As he reveals his Devil Fruit, both of his opponents realize the impossibility of defeating him on their own. Fang offers both of them the chance to join his crew in exchange for sparing them. Vel refuses angrily and attempts to fight back against Fang, only to be easily overpowered. Sai instead chooses to ally himself with Fang, but rethinks it after seeing how strongly Vel was refusing. While pretending to drown her, Sai instead attempts a surprise attack and fails. Just as Fang is about to kill him, he is saved by Ken and Kota. Overcome by anger, Fang attacks Kota, allowing Ken, Vel and Sai to escape. The next day Ken offers Sai the position of cook on their crew, the Prelude Pirates, which the fishman quickly accepts.

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