The Pirate Legacy

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Author Jack Hamilton
Date Published 12-25-2010
Fiction Rated K
Language English
Genre Adventure
Chapters 1-
Status Ongoing

The Pirate Legacy is the fan fiction written by Jack Hamilton that happens 40 years after Monkey D. Luffy been declared as the 2nd Pirate King and 30 years after his execution at Goa.Thus, sparks The 3rd Golden Age of Piracy. At this time, World Government already been in a huge crisis since Revolutionaries has become stronger after the death of Whitebeard. The countries liberated from World Government by the Revolutionary already formed a brand new political entities, named Southern Alliance . One of the most shocking event happened was one of the member of World Nobles , Saint Clara, half noble inherited from her Noble mother and daughter of Admiral Coby,defected from Holy land to join Revolutionary Army's and then married their new leader " Peacemaker" Raven G. Kane and giving birth to this fiction main protagonist, Raven G . Zen.



Black Phoenix Pirates Edit

Traveling PartnersEdit


Thunderbolt PiratesEdit
  • "Thunder Emperor" Benjamin Edison : Captain
  • "Big Needle" Thomas Saint : Doctor/Swordmen/ First Mate
  • "Anvil" Dan Durendal : Blacksmith
  • Abigail Hill : Sniper/Archer
  • Sophie Adaneur : cook


World Government AlliesEdit

Southern Alliance AlliesEdit

Bounty HuntersEdit

Other PiratesEdit

Other CharactersEdit


East BlueEdit

South BlueEdit

  • Southernberg = The Capital of Southern Alliance

North BlueEdit

  • Northingham = The last city in North Blue before Reverse Mountain's entrance

West BlueEdit

Grand LineEdit

Red LineEdit

Saga NameEdit

Arc NameEdit

# Chapter Title Chapter Summary
1 Title Summary

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