Property of Tflynn

Prologue Edit

Joe Green's family was a navy family , but his older brother Jacob constantly argued with his father and grandfather that war was horrible and that everyone should be treated equal. So when Joe was 4 and Jacob was 14, Jacob took Joe and ran away miles away to a forest, there they built and lived in a huge tree house.

chapter oneEdit

"Greg, comon lets go,we need more food to make supper."Fifteen years later Joe met Greg Grey or "Grey" Greg, and they soon became best freinds. "Ok Im comin, I gotta get my shoes on." said Greg.They went deep into the woods and found berries to make supper. when they got back Jacob was with his girlfriend talking."So theres a few devil fruit out there."said Jamie which was his girlfriend."Yeah there really dangerous, if you eat one youll get certain powers but you,ll never be able to swim again."Said Jacob. later when they were eating Joe and Greg started choking and Jacob said "Devil fruit!" He gave them water and they stopped choking. Late rthey found out they had eaten these fruit, Joe ate the futabu futabu fruit , and Greg the mizu mizu fruit. Joe could grow plants instantly and Greg could make it rain.

chapter twoEdit

"I cant stand the fact that plants and animals are dying everywhere because there habitats are being destroyed by people who are destroying forests just for stupid money.They were there first so they have the right to live.said Joe. "Theres only one thing we can do". said Jacob "Go to the city and protest".Said Greg.they went to the city miles away to protest and hopefully save thereforest which was being cut down there they went to a dock to proteset; while they were there they met an old sailor who was telling a story. "They call it the island of perfection, its a island that movesacross the grandline so it has neverbeen put on a map,the legend says that whoever finds it and drinks the juice of its grapes will have the ability to take one ultimate action once every decade." said the old sailor . "I have to find it, it will save every forest in the world from corruption."said Joe. "Theres only one thing we can do".said Jacob. "Start a pirate crew, we'll be the hippie pirates and we'll fight for peace and the forests"said Greg. "I'll be the captain" said Joe. "I'll be the cook." said Jacob. "I'll be the first mate."said Greg. " then today is the birthday of the hippie pirates."said Joe

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