Checkmate Pirates
Time Pirates Jolly Roger
Main Ship The Clock Tower
Jolly Roger The Skull is a Clock and it has Cross-Bones.
Captain Clock King
Type Peace Maine
Crew Population Over 100
Total Bounty Bsymbol521,000,000

The Time Pirates(タイム 海賊団, Taimu Kaizokudan) are a recently formed pirate crew that originated from the East Blue. All the crewmembers are given a name by the captain that has something to do with time. The crew is based on time and are currently headed to the New World.


  • Clock King (Captain)- Bsymbol132,000,000
  • Professor Pendulum (Navigator)- Bsymbol22,000,000
  • Mr. 21 Kosumo (Swordsman)- Bsymbol65,000,000
  • Clockmaker (Shipwright)- Bsymbol9,000,000
  • Big Benny (Doctor)- Bsymbol16,000,000
  • Future Lord (First Mate)- Bsymbol94,000,000
  • Hour Master (Second Mate)- Bsymbol84,000,000
  • Time Eater (Cook)- Bsymbol67,000,000
  • Mr. New Year's Eve (Sniper)- Bsymbol32,000,000
  • Tick (Cabin Boy)
  • Tock (Cabin Boy)

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