Tony D. Ceph

Age 27
Gender Male
Species Somewhat human
Blood type A
Birthdate December 31
Height 6'3
Island of Origin Small island on the Grandline
Occupation Pirate Captain
Epithet The Raijin
Affiliations Apex Pirates
Family Alice D. Ceph (Twin sister)
Bounty Bsymbol10600,000,000
Dream To bring real order and freedom to the world and to become a Yonko.
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Goro Goro no mi
English Name: Rumble Rumble Fruit
Meaning: Japanese sound of thunder
Type: Logia

Tony D. Ceph (トニーD.セファロ Tonī D sefaro) nicknamed "Raijin" (雷神 Raijin) Is a main protangonist in the One Piece series. He was born an orphan and made an outcast by his village due to his "power". He is now the captain of the Apex Pirates, and also the new user of the Goro Goro no mi . He easily achieved a bounty of Bsymbol 600,000,000 after destroying an entire navy fleet in under three minutes and badly damaging navy admiral Kizaru's arm.

He is known for "getting around" due to him meeting a lot of important people in the One Piece series, such as Portgas D. Ace , Whitebeard and the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger .

Tony is also known for being very durable and sturdy, as he was able to take three hits from Whitebeard's Gura Gura no mi and even Enel 's strongest attack, Raigo.


Tony has short black hair and cyan eyes. He's tall and slim, yet he has a muscular build up. Whenever he becomes angry or enraged, his pupils become slitted. On his left shoulder he has a tatto that vertically spells "APEX". This same tatto is required to be worn by all members of the Apex Pirates in the same place. On his right shoulder he has the characters  雷神 tattooed  across it, giving him his epithet "Raijin".

Like Luffy after the timeskip, Tony wears an open, long-sleeved cardigan, except his is blue, and his left sleave is ripped off revealing his tattoo. He wears a dark blue sash tied around his waist, black shorts that are far below knee length, and he also wears a pair of black boots. He has a dagger in a green sheath hung on the right side of his sash. This dagger is very similar to Ace's except it has a gold blade instead of a silver one. When the two were both friends, they both obtained similar daggers as sign of their friendship, one dagger being silver, and the other's gold. After the events of the Whitebeard War, Tony traveled to the destroyed Marineford and gathered up some of the beads that used to be apart of the necklace worn by Ace, and now wears them around his left wrist. He also wears red magatama around his neck.


Like most people with the D intial, Tony is a care free person. He likes fun and adventure, and he loves to challenge himself, but at the same time he's also very lazy as he often sleeps through out most of the day, or dozes off in the middle of a conversation. Also like most Ds, Tony loves to eat, perferably fish. Also like most Ds, Tony has the smile they all share, the smile that makes them believe anything is possible and feel no sadness in the face of death. Tony doesn't always feel these positve thoughts, however. It makes him furious whenever someone is being treated unfairly because of who they are and not because of what they've done. For example, Tony became deeply enraged when he heard about Akainu 's actions at the Ohara incident. If any of Tony's friends are harmed or even insulted by someone, Tony wont stop his assualt until that person has either apologized or is dead at his feet. If one of his friemds is taken away from him or killed, Tony will delcare war without a second thought, unable to be turned away. Like some Ds Tony shows a sign of stupidty, but deep underneath he's actually very intelligent when it comes to technology.



Gold RogerEdit

"Why give up here, kid? You haven't grown up enough to think your life isn't worth living. Go out and see the world. It isn't bad being a pirate. Live!"

Roger telling Tony to live.

When Tony was just a young kid, he was hated by everyone in his village, but then fate would soon bring the Pirate King to that village. Because he was hated by everyone, Tony felt he shouldn't live and even almost killed himself until Roger stopped him and told him that life was worth living. Tony then felt that want to live, but not because of what Roger said, but because he felt insulted to be told such a thing by Roger. Tony challeneged Roger to a fight, but lost despite his inhuman power. Tony then promised Roger that he would become stroger then challenge him again, which brought Roger only happiness.

Portgas D. RougeEdit

Tony met Rouge the same time he met Roger, as she was traveling with the Roger Pirates at the time. After Tony's loss agaist Roger, Rouge reasurred Tony and giving him back his pride. Rouge also explained the meaning of what Roger ment by wanting to live. Tony grew to like Rouge, even to a point where he said Rouge felt like a mother to him. Rouge thought this funny as she told Tony she had the strange feeling she was pregnant. Tony then promised Rouge that if she was indeed pregnant, he would protect her and Roger's child.

Portgas D. AceEdit

"You sure are strong Ace... but trust me, you're nowhere near the level of your old man."

Tony telling Ace, after he figured our Roger was his father, that he's still has a long way to go.

Sometime after Ace left to become a pirate, he met Tony in a small village. Tony was able to sense that Ace was strong, but there was also something familiar about him. Tony then challenged Ace to fight, with Ace agreeing as long as if Ace won, Tony would join his crew and become his first mate. The two fought for three nights straight until they both finally decided to call it quits. Since the fight came down to a tie, Tony didn't join Ace's crew, but thought Ace was pretty strong to have lasted in a fight with him. Tony then decided to give Ace a devil fruit he found in his travels, but said it wasn't the one he was looking for. After their fight, Ace and Tony both became close friends, they even bought twin daggers to seal their friendship. Tony eventually asked about Ace's parents, which he became very hesitant to Tony's question. Tony then concluded that Ace was indeed Roger and Rouge's son, and said he could see a lot of Rouge in him. Tony then explained how he met Ace's parents when he was little and even fought with Roger. Tony then told Ace agout his goal to fight  and defeat Roger in battle, and how he felt deeply sad over Roger's death. Tony also told Ace about how he wanted to find the Logia devil fruit, the Goro Goro no mi and use it to achieve his new goal, in which Ace told Tony if he did find that devil fruit, there would be one person he wouldnt be able to beat. Ace then told Tony about his younger brother, Luffy and his Gomu Gomu no mi powers, but this only gave Tony a rival and another exciting goal. The two then went their seperate ways, promising to become powerful pirate captains, and in their next fight, there wouldn't be a tie. Sometime later, Tony ran into the second division of the Whitebeard Pirates and its new commander. Tony and Ace's reunion was soon cut short after Ace mentioned how strong Whitebeard was and also mentioning the Gura Gura no mi, which Tony mistaked for the Goro Goro no mi.


"Wait! You're Whitebeard?! Don't you need a beard?"

Tony making fun of Whitebeard's name about him not having a beard.

After hearing about Whitebeard from Ace, Tony hunted Whitebeard down. Tony soon found Whitebeard and challenged him to fight so he could kill him and the Goro Goro no mi would go back to the devil fruit cycle. Surprisngly Tony lasted long in his fight agaisnt Whitebeard, but soon realized he didn't have the Goro Goro no mi once Tony was hit by the Gura Gura no mi powers, which he was able to withstand three full hits of.

Whitebeard found Tony very interesting and offered Tony to become his son. Tony refused the offer, saying Whitebeard was just like Roger, but he would become an allie to the Whitebeard Pirates until he found the Goro Goro no mi and come back to challenge the Yonko. Before Tony he left, he was told by Marshall D. Teach a rumor about a person on Sky island who had the abilities of the Goro Goro no mi.

Monkey D. DragonEdit

Though Tony has only met Dragon once, he has deep respect for him and what he does. Tony deeply admires Dragon being able to go up against the entire world. Despite believing in Dragon and the ways of the Revolutionary army, Tony refused Dragon's offer to join, but said that the Apex Pirates would be their greatest ally.

Monkey D. LuffyEdit

Tony hasn't officially met Luffy yet, but thinks of him as a great person and warrior. Tony has also heard numerous stories about Luffy from Ace. After hearing that Luffy was a rubber man, Tony knew if he obtained the Goro Goro no mi, he'd never be able beat Luffy, but Tony just saw this as another challenge. After hearing the rumor about Enel from Teach, Tony traveled to Skypiea. He soon heard from the locals that there was such a person who could control lighting, but he was defeated by Luffy. Tony became very impressed with Luffy, but also hated him a bit for driving away Enel. Tony's respect Luffy once again grew after the events at Enies Lobby, not for defeating CP9, but for declaring war on the world government for just one of his crewmates. After the events of the Whitebeard War, Tony went to Ace's grave to pay his respect, but to also make another promise to his good friend to protect Luffy for Ace.

Alice D. CephEdit

"A twin sister?! I have a twin sister?! ...You don't look me. I ain't seeing it."

Tony after figuring out him and Alice are siblings.

After finally obtaing the Goro Goro no mi, Tony set out to make a pirate crew. He soon met a girl named Alice D. Ceph. Both almost had the same dream in mind to become powerful pirate  captains. The two soon found out they were actually siblings, twins in fact. The two became very close quick, but their dreams came between them. When Alice revealed that she wanted to become the most powerful pirate captain and she wanted Tony to be the first to join her crew, but Tony wanted the exact same thing for her. The two then engaded in a fight where the winner would become the captain, and the loser would have to join the winner's crew. After a long fight and witnessing Alice's Mizu Mizu no mi, Tony finally won and Alice agreed to join Tony's crew. Alice became the first crew member to join the Apex Pirates. The two also share the same ability to sense devil fruits.

Both siblings have deep respect for each other and have set out on a new goal to figure out who their parents were and why they seperated at birth.


Ventus, called Ven by Tony and his crewmates, is the swordsman of the Apex Pirates and the second to join Tony's crew. When Tony and Alice met Ven, they were able sense his devil fruit, the Logia type, Kaza Kaza no mi, and Tony instantly wanted him as a part of his crew. Tony also liked that Ven was a master of Busoshoku Haki. Ven didn't really want to be apart of Tony's crew as he believed he was too good to be anyone's subordinate. When Tony refused to leave, Ven then attacked him as a way to scare him off, but Tony felt as if he was just being challenged and fought back. Tony grew even more interested with Ven when he saw he was able to actually cut a bolt of lightning in half in their fight. Tony then came to a realization that Ven didn't want to join his crew and decided to leave, but before he did he told Ven about how it would've been nice if he had a swordsman that could control wind in his crew so he could help him beat Blackbeard. Ven then reconsidered Tony's offer after hearing about Blackbeard. Sometime in the past, the Blackbeard Pirates came to Ven's village and killed most of the villagers, including Ven's parents. After that Ven agreed to join the Apex Pirates. Tony and Ven share a happy friendship as they are both similar in some ways, but Ven's arrogance does tend to get on Tony's and the other Apex Pirate's nerves.


Anne is the cook of the Apex Pirates and the third to join the crew. Anne is also Tony's lover. She is called by all of her crewmates to be the crew's screw-up. Tony first met Anne when he was asked to save her from the Neo Navy by the leader of the Revolutionaries, Monkey D. Dragon. After Tony freed Anna from one of the Neo Marine's small fleets, the two didn't really see eye to eye. Anne thought Tony was just another rude pirate who was only saving her for money, and Tony just thought she was stupid annoying little girl. Anne eventually told Tony that she was taken by the Neo Marines because she was sent by the Revolutionaries to steal a powerful devil fruit, but she got caught, which is why Tony had to come and rescue her and deliver her back to the Revolutionaries. Anne soon revealed the devil fruit to Tony, at which he first thought it was the Mera Mera no mi due to its appearance and how it felt, the only difference was that the fruit had a different color to it. For some reason Tony wasn't able to tell what power or what type the devil fruit was. The two soon began to slowly like each other after an exchange of stories, but this was cut short as the two were eventually surrounded by twenty Neo Marine fleets. Tony was able to destroy seventeen of their battle ships easily, but was pulled into a trap and had one of his hands cuffed with seastone. Now unable to use his devil fruit abilities, Tony was fatally wounded and captured by the Neo Marines along with Anne. As Tony was about to killed by the leader of the Neo Marines, Zephyr, Anna, who wasn't chained with seastone, managed to steal back the devil fruit she took and shoved the entire thing into her mouth. Tony warned Anne not to swallow the fruit as not even he knows what it'll do, but despite this, Anna swallowed the devil fruit whole, in which Tony shouted and called her a moron. This compltely angered Zephyr in which he pointed his gun at her and shot her in the eye, but she didn't die. Instead, there was just a blue fiery hole in Anne's face where the bullet hit. Tony was then able to get a feel on the devil fruit now that it had been consumed and said it was an extremely rare Logia type called the Mera Mera no mi model Blue. Anne was then able to use her new powers to push back Zephyr and free Tony from the seastone handcuffs, allowing him to use his Logia powers to heal his wound and dodge death. The two were then able to fight their way past the Neo Marines and escape. Once Tony and Anne returned back to the Apex Dragon, they were soon confronted by Kizaru and fifty marine fleets that came to opprehand the Zeo marines, the Revolutionaries, and the Apex Pirates. Seeing how she had eaten a fruit, rare for even the logias, Kizaru saw Anne as the greatest force of danger and asked her to turn herself over, to which she refused. Kizaru then proceeded to take Anne by force in which he and Tony engaged in a lightspeed battle that cost the lives of the entire Marine fleet Kizaru brought with him.  After escaping, the Apex Pirate decided to drop Anne off with the Revolutionary army on a near by island, but Anne told Dragon that she didn't want to leave and asked Tony if she could join his crew, in which Tony eventually allowed. Anne then offered to be the ship's cook, but ended up turning their first meal into ash by accident with her new devil fruit powers. Over time, Anne and Tony become closer and closer and eventually become lovers.


Yuna is the doctor, navigator, and literal witch of the Apex Pirates. She is the fourth to join and is descripted by her crewmates, excluding Tony, to be very creepy. Tony had heard stories about  witch that lived in the New World and he wanted to find her and make her a part of his crew. At first, everyone else thought that they wouldn't find a witch and the rumor Tony heard was just a lie, but once they reached the seas shrouded in darkness they saw Yuna riding on a flying broom, while drinking lemonade. The entire crew  completely freaked out fear, while Tony freaked out with joy. After seeing Yuna landing on a small island, despite his crew's warning of how Yuna might out a curse or hex on him, Tony went alone to the island where Yuna was. Tony finally confronted Yuna, to her surprise that anyone would come looking for her. Tony then decided to ask her if she really was a witch, in which she replied that she was. Yuna then asked him if he was afraid of her, knowing she was a witch, in which he relpied he wasn't. Afte having a long conversation, Tony finally asked Yuna is she'd join his crew, but she declined saying that they are two different kinds of people and a witch could never be around humans. After he had failed to heed her warnings to leave her alone, Yuna tried to use a spell to turn Tony into a tree, but for some reasoned failed to Yuna's surprise. After figuring out Tony's full name, Yuna explained that witch spells don't work on Ds because of their pure heart. Tony then told Yuna that just because one of them is human and the other isn't doesn't mean they can't be friends. After giving Yuna a short speech of how they really are the same and how he made a promise to her mother, Yuna finally decides to join Tony's crew. The rest of the crew acted very stern at Yuna joining their crew as they didn't like the fact of an actual witch being around them, but she managed to keep open arms and smile. Ven especially felt negative about Yuna joining their crew, but she quickly brought him down by flirting with him, causing him to have nosebleed and pass out. Overall, Tony admires Yuna's abilities and sees her as very helpful as she can use magic to navigate without a Log Pose and also use it to heal people. Yuna especially gets around with Ven as she likes flirting with him just to tease him.


Stone is a vampire/werewolf hybrid, strangly, and power house of the Apex Pirates and fifth to join the crew. Stone is known for his thirst to kill which only Tony can stop, but also for being a rare species of creature, which is why Tony tracked him down. Tony had heard rumors about Stone being a literal demon as he was said to lift an entire island over his head with just one hand, but this was just a false rumor. Tony had also heard that Stone had been captured and was being taken to Impel Down. The Apex Pirates soon intercepted the battle ships holding Stone hostage and then attacked them. Tony and Alice soon made their way inside the ship where Stone's cell was, but once they freed him he instead attacked Tony due to his insane animal blood lust. Instead of actually stopping Stone, Tony let Stone lash out at him, destroying most of the Marine ships in the process. After coming down to the last battle ship, Tony finally got bored and tried to convince Stone to join his crew, but Stone continued his assualt. Eventually Ven stepped in saying there'd be no way to convince Stone to join their crew. Ven and Stone then went to head in a battle to the death, which Tony ordered Ven to stop but he didn't listen. Tony soon stepped in and neutralized both Ven and Stone in an instant, saying if they didn't knock it off, he would kill them both. Stone finally managed to calm down and listen to reason, in which Tony asked again for Stone to join his crew. Stone then explained that he turned himself in to the marines because his demonic side was getting out of control and he couldn't stop himself from killing people. It was because this Stone said he couldn't join Tony's crew since there was no one strong enough to keep him under control. Tony disagreed with this and told Stone that he was underrestimating him. Tony then promised Stone that he wouldn't let him lose control or hurt anyone and help him control his other half as long as he stayed with him. Stone soon agreed to join Tony's crew, believing in Tony's words. After first meeting him, Stone has gain absolute respect for Tony and has always been willing to do whatever he says despite the dangers.


Jager is a young infantile dragon that Tony hatched and made a bond with. Though Jager is incapable of speech, Tony seems to understand him very well. When Jager first hatched he sat on top of Tony's, believing he was his mother since he was the first one Jager saw. He sat of Tony's head like a newborn dragon would sit on its mother's back, but Jager eventually shed his skin and grew up a little bit. Jager, surprisingly, became very hostile and even attacked Tony. After Jager ran away and was captured by Doflamingo, Tony quickly chased after him believing Jager was ment to be apart of the Apex Pirates. After being rescued by Tony and witnessing his will not to leave him behind, Jager remembered Tony and then showed off his great ability to merge with Tony to help him fight Doflamingo and escape his clutches.

Tony and Jager don't have a master and pet relationship, but a partner relationship as they each rely on each other constantly, whether it's during battle or deciding who the pillow is when they sleep out on the deck of the ship,


Marshall D. TeachEdit

"That bastard! Teach! Just what the hell is he up to?! One thing's for sure, no one gets away with killing a brother!"

Tony talking about Teach after hearing about Thatch 's murder.

Tony despises Teach for multiple reasons. Even though he didn't want to join the Whitebeard Pirates, Tony deeply respected Whitebeard and his men, and he became deeply enraged when he figured out Teach betrayed his own father. Tony also hates Teach for killing his fellow crew member, Thatch. Tony does believe in the laws of a pirate crew and wants nothing more than for Teach to meet those laws. One of the things Tony hates most about Teach is the fact that he turned Ace in to the marines. With the death of his best friend, Tony has made it part of his goal to take Teach down and team up with any pirate crew willing to do the same. 

The World GovernmentEdit

Tony believes that the world government isn't around because of pirates, but that pirates are around because of the world government. Tony believes that the world government has been ripping the freedom of everyone away over the years in order to take full control of the world. After Tony met Roger, he understood that pirates weren't bringers of havoc, but people who just wanted to live free, and the world government has turned some pirates into actual bad guys. Tony also hates how the government have made people blindly believe that ther world government and marines are good people and turn them agaisnt all pirates, despite how they are able to create greater peace than the world government. Tony also feels it was wrong of the marines to destroy Ohara just because they wanted to learn about their origins, and giving a bounty to a young child because she was also scholar. And beyond all Tony hates how the the world government was able to turn several of his fellow pirates agaisnt all other pirates. Fleet Admiral Sakazuki Tony probably hates Sakazuki just as much, or even more than Teach. Being the one responsible for his best friend's death, Tony expecially despises Akainu more than anyone else. Most of all, Tony hates Akainu's reasons for trying to kill Ace and Luffy because of their blood line. Tony believes it is unfair to try to kill someone just because of their blood line. Tony has made it his personal goal to help end Akainu's life and put an end to the marines and the world government.


"You! You're the bastard that stepped on my dreams! ... The second you took a bite out of that fruit, you made me your worse enemy!"

Tony talking to Enel about "stealing" his devil fruit.

Tony's dream was to find and consume the Goro Goro no mi to become the strongest pirate ever, but this dream was temporarly crushed when Tony heard from Marshall D. Teach that someone had possibably eaten the fruit already. Tony eventually figured out if a devil fruit user dies, their devil fruit falls back into the cycle, giving Tony a new line of hope for his dream. Tony then made his way to Skypiea to find the user of the fruit, Enel, then kill him to make the Goro Goro no mi fall back into the cycle. Tony soon figured out that Enel had been defeated by Luffy and had left Sky island. Tony eventually tracked Enel down, and after expressing his hate towrds Enel for taking his devil fruit, Tony defeated and killed Enel.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Physical Power

From the  very start, Tony was already unbelievably strong. Tony was born with extrordinary powers, which he was made an outcast for, due to people fearing him. Tony is known for his abnormal strength, as he was able to lift an entire marine battle ship over his head with just one hand.

Devil Fruit Sensory and DetectionEdit

Like his physical powers, Tony was born with the ability to sense and dectect devil fruits. Whenever Tony has come into contact with a devil fruit user, he's able to instantly become aware of their ability, even tell what type of fruit they have, paramecia, zoan, or logia, and he can even tell which exact devil fruit that person consumed, without them even revealing the power.

Devil FruitEdit

After defeating and killing Enel, Tony searched for and consumed the Goro Goro no mi, a Logie type fruit that allows the him become the element of lightning and control the electricty from his body, giving him the title of "Raijin". Unlike Enel, Tony mostly uses the power of this fruit combined with hand-to-hand combat. As a tribute to his friend Ace, Tony models most of his attacks after the attacks Ace uses, but he did find some Enel's attacks useful and interresting and decided to use them for himself. He is also immune to normal physical strikes, all of which simply phase through his lightning made body.

  • Raiken: Tony envelops his fist in lightning and then punches his target, thereby increasing the resulting damage.
    • Raging Bolt: Tony envelops both his fist in lightning and begins rapidly punching at at his target at extreme speeds.
  • Raigan: Tony envelops his hand in lightning then shoots a sporadic bolt of lightning at his opponent, electrocuting them.
    • Raigan Rifle: Tony shoots a concentrated version of his Raigan from his hand that spirals, giving it far greater pearcing power.
    • Raigan Sniper: Tony crosses his index fingers together and uses them like an aiming axis. He then fires a beam of compressed lightning with explosive results. This move is mimiced after one of Ace's moves as tribute to Tony's fallen friend.
    • Raigan Grand Devistation: Tony fires a massive blast of lightning from the palm of his hand that covers a wide range and causes massive damage.
    • Raigan Hoko: Tony generates lightning in his mouth and releases it in a concentrated blast.
  • RaiHo: Tony forms an orb of compressed lightning in his palm then fires it at his target, the result being a massive destructive force from compressed energy.
  • RaiHa: Tony enelopes his hand and lightning and gives it the shape of a long sword blade meant for mid-range battle.
  • Raicho: Tony summons up lightning and gives it the shape of a Phoenix with three long tail feathers. This attack is somewhat like Enel's 30,000,000 Hino except that Tony models his attack after a phoenix while Enel's is a hawk.
  • Rairo: Tony summons up lightning and gives it the shape of a wild dog moving at super fast speeds. This attack was modeled after Enel's Kiten attack, but Tony changed it into a dog since he has a dislike for cats.
  • Rairyu: Tony summons up lightning around his hand and gives it the shape of a large dragon in which then directs at his target. This attack is somewhat like Enel's 60,000,000 Volt Julungul except it's of a larger scale in size and power. This attack is Tony's second strongest attack.
  • Raijin: Tony forms lightning around his hand in the purest form, turning his hand into an unstoppable blade, capable of pearcing through anything. This attack is what gave Tony his name "Raijin". Tony named this attack after the powerful thunder god Raijin as it is his most strongest attack.
  • Crimson Thunder Mode: Tony mixes the blood cells in his body with his lightning, increasing his blood flow, and allowing him to exceed his natural limitations, increasing his speed, strength, and power. When Tony enters this transformation his skin becomes a light tinge of red and a crimson red, electrical glow outlines his body, also his eyes change colors from cyan to red. While in this form even the color of Tony's lightning changes from blue to red and even triples in speed and power of his normal lightning. To Tony's dislike, this technique is very similar to Luffy's Gear Second, in which Tony believes Luffy stole the idea from him like how he stole his prey (Enel) from him. The only difference from the Gear Second is that the blood flow actually mixes with lightning (giving it its crimson color) instead of having the blood pumped through rubber organs, and allows Tony to move even faster than Luffy can, and even being able to match Kizaru's speed. This transformation's only weakness is that once activated Tony can no longer become intangible through his Logia abilities as he needs to stay flesh and blood in order to maintain this form. Before each one of Tony's attacks, he adds the word crimson before it.


Tony is a master of every form of Haki, making him an unstoppable foe along with his devil fruit, but he prefers not us Haoshoku Haki as it takes the fun out of his fights. Tony has also thought of using Busoshoku Haki combined with his devil fruit to beat Luffy in battle. Tony is also one of the few characters that can use the black arm Busoshoku Haki. He is even capable of combining it with his lightning to create  far stronger black lightning.


Tony carries around his signature dagger and sometimes uses his devil fruit powers to extend the dagger into an unstoppable blade of lightning. Tony also uses his magatama as a weapon, not on enemies, but on himself. He was some how able use the magatama beads to seal away half of his power so he'd be able to hold back and enjoy his fights more. Whenever Tony takes off his necklace he releases a hundred percent of his full power. One of Tony's greatest weapons is his strategic mind that allows him to always think of flawless battle strategies and not lose a single one of his crew mates.


Early Life Tony was born an orphan on the grandline and had no one to depend, leaving him to live on his own. From what people said, Tony's parents and three others were killed during his birth. He was told that the one that killed his parents and the the three others was him due to his strange power being released for the very first time. Because of this, people feared and shunned Tony, forcing him to be forever alone. By the time Tony was seven, he began to believe that he wasn't allowed to live and thought of commiting suicide. One while everyone in his village was being distracted by a certain visiting pirate crew, Tony decided to go somewhere quiet and use a knife to slit his throat, but he was soon stopped by the village's visitor, the pirate king, Gol D. Roger. Roger told Tony that no matter how bad his life was, he was too young to just end it and he could actually change it. Unlike most people, Roger found Tony's power really interresting, and thought Tony could use them for a good purpose. Roger even thought that Tony should become a pirate. Instead of feeling happy and releaved, Tony broke out into a rage that Roger would tell him what to do, and even challenged him to fight. Liking Tony's ambition, Roger accepted Tony's challenge and quickly defeated him. Tony felt even greater pain and rage from losing to Roger, who he thought was a normal human, and locked himself away in his home. He was soon visited by Portgas D. Rouge, who was traveling with the Roger Pirates at the time. Rouge then explained what Roger ment by telling Tony to live, lifting Tony's spirits a bit, but not about Roger. After a while, Tony began to like Rouge and even thought of her as a mother. Rouge actually thought it was funny that Tony would feel that way, since she felt she was pregnant with Roger's child. Tony then promised Rouge that if she did have a child, he would protect that child for what she did for him. Right after hearing about Roger's execution, Tony became deeply furious that his greatest rival had died, he became even more furious after realizing, shortly after, that Roger turned himself in. Tony had made it his life goal to control his power then one day fight Roger again for the title of the strongest, but he soon came to a realization that his power alone wouldn't be enough to defeat the Pirate King, so Tony soon decided that he would find and consume the strongest devil fruit to make himself invincable. By this time, Tony had set out and began training his powers and searching for a new one.

Meeting Portgas D. AceEdit

By the time Tony was twenty eight, he stopped by in the east blue, following lead on the devil fruit he was looking for. He stopped on a small island to rest. At restaurant he got into a fight about food with Portgas D. Ace, who was just starting his journey as a pirate. The pirates' fight eventually came down to actual combat, leading to a fight that lasted for three nights straight. The two eventually called it quits after acknowledging each other's strength. The two then agreed to become friends instead of enemies, Ace even asked Tony to join his crew, but Tony declined saying he was going to be the captain of his own crew. For a reason unknown to him, Tony seemed to really like Ace and even both them twin daggers as a sign of their friendship. Ace's had a silver blade while Tony's had a gold one. Some time later, Tony eventually concluded that Ace was Roger and Rouge's son. Ace told Tony that he didn't know either of his parents and that he didn't really like his father, with Tony agreeing that his father could be a bit annoying, but Rouge was a pleasent person to be around. Ace was pleased to hear his mother was a good person. Ace Tony soon began sharing stories about, about how Ace would beat anyone who beat anyone up for talking about him and his father, which Tony thought was Ace's way of defending his father's honor, how the two both decided why they wanted to become pirates, and their future goals. After telling Ace agout his goal to find the Goro Goro no mi to increase his power and become the strongest, Ace told Tony if he did go after tht devil fruit there'd be just one person he'd never be able to beat, his younger brother who ate the Gomu Gomu no mi, Monkey D. Luffy. Instead of feeling discouraged, Tony felt happy that there woulb be someone who would undoubtably give him a challenge after he found his devil fruit. Tony soon felt he could trust Ace enough to give him a devil fruit he found during his travels on the grand line. Tony said it wasn't the Goro Goro no mi he was looking for, so he had no need for it. Ace accepted Tony's offer and was given the Mera Mera no mi. After this, Tony and Ace soon parted ways to follow each other's dream, but they did promise to fight each other again one day.

Meeting WhitebeardEdit

Some time later on his search for the Goro Goro no mi, Tony eventually ran into the second division of the Whitebeard Pirates and their new commander, Ace. Tony and Ace were glad to see each other again, but Tony soon became disapointed that Ace gave up his dream to become pirate king and work under Whitebeard. Ace disagreed with Tony that it wasn't wrong to work under Whitebeard as he was a very powerful and respectable man. Tony unfortunatly stormed off when he misheard Ace when he mentioned Whitebeard's Gura Gura no mi, mistaking it for the Goro Goro no mi. Kind of like how Luffy misunderstood Boa Hancock's Mero Mero no mi for Foxy's Nero Nero no mi. After figuring out that if a devil fruit user is killed their fruit goes back into the cycle, Tony decided to hunt down Whitebeard and kill him, something Ace advised against. Tony eventually found Whitebeard and challenged him to a duel, to which Whitebeard accepted in the same way Roger accepted Tony's  when he challenged him years earlier, which just irritated Tony. After being able to handle Whitebeard in hand to hand combat, Tony finally got Whitebeard to use his devil fruit power. Once being hit directly by the Gura Gura no mi's tremor powers, Tony finally concluded that Whitebeard didn't have the devil fruit he was looking for, but he still wished to continue on with his duel. After being hit directly by Whitebeard's Gura Gura no mi strikes two more times, Tony finally fell. Whitebeard wanted Tony to become on of his sons, but Tony declined, saying Whitebeard was just like Roger, looking down on him the same way. After fully recovering from his fight, Tony was told, by Marshall D. Teach, about a rumor of someone in Skyisland who had the powers of the Goro Goro no mi. Without any hesitation,, Tony quickly left to find a way to Skyisland.


Sometime right before the events of the Whitebeard war, Tony finally made it to Skypiea, but was soon told that the person that posessed the Goro Goro no mi was defeated by Monkey D. Luffy and then left Skyisland. Tony felt impressed to be hearing about Ace's younger brother and how he was able to beat someone capable of destroying an entire island, but he was also annoyed at the same time.

CP9 SagaEdit

After gaining a lead on Enel, Tony quickly sought him out and challenged him to a fight. The fight was actually truly quick, despite Enel using his his most strongest form and even using Raigo. The basic end reesulting in Tony defeating Enel and killing him after telling him he wasn't worthy of the Goro Goro no mi. Sometime later, Tony made his way back down to the blue sea in search of the Goro Goro no mi. After studying up devil fruits and even being able to sense them, Tony was able to easily pinpoint where the Goro Goro no mi would show up again. Once Tony touched down back into the blue sea, he saw the new wanted posters for the Strawhat Pirates and heard about the incident at Enies Lobby. After that, Tony soon found the devil fruit on a small island where he calculated it would show up at. After that, Tony had finally consumed the Goro Goro no mi.

Whitebeard War SagaEdit

At the very end of the Whitebeard War saga, Tony heard about the battle at Marineford and how both Ace and Whitebeard died. At some time, Tony traveled to the destroyed Marineford and went to the spot where Ace died.Tony was able to find some of the beads Ace use to wear around his neck and turned them into a bracelet. After traveling to Marineford, Tony went to go find the rest of the Whitebeard Pirates, now led by Marco. Tony confronted Marco about what happened, in which Marco explained how Ace lost to Teach and Akainu, which threw Tony into a rage. Tony was most definatly surprised when he heard that is was Teach that beat Whitebeard. Marco then explained how Teach stole Whitebeard's Gura Gura no mi with the powers of his Yami Yami no mi . Tony then felt shrouded with fear when he heard that the Yami Yami no mi was in Teach's possesion. Tony then explained to Marco that with the Yami Yami no mi, Teach could grow to be the most dangerous man alive, and he could even rule the world. Tony then told Marco that without a doubt, that a big battle would eventually, and that they, and all their allies would need to team up to beat the Blackbeard Pirates. After warning the Whitebeard Pirates and figuring out that at least Luffy made it out alive, Tony traveled to Ace and Whitebeard's grave sight to pay his respect.Once there, Tony apologized to Ace for not being there to help him. Tony also apologized to Rouge for not being able to keep his promise to her about protecting Ace for her. Tony then made a new promise to Ace that he'll protect Luffy from Akainu and anyone else after him. He also promised that he would avenge Ace by defeating and killing Teach and Akainu.

Searching for NakamaEdit

Lost Sister After meeting and warning the Whitebeard Pirates, Tony set out to search for nakama. Before he could set out to find crewmates, Tony decided that he need a pirate ship first, so he decided to go where all of the world's greatest shipwrights come to meet, Water 7. Soon enough Tony had found his dream pirate ship, which he liked because it had a dragon figure head, but someone else had already bought it. When Tony asked who, the head shipwright told hi it was a young around his age, also a pirate. Tony had offered more money as he had taken a large amount of gold from Skypiea, but the shipwright said he could only sell him the ship if the person that already bought would agree. Tony then set out to search for the female pirate so he could convince her to let him have the ship. As the day passed away, Tony still wasn't able to find the pirate and decided to stop and rest at a bar. There  Tony instantly got into a fight with a girl about how good the fish there was. The girl then threatened Tony, saying he shouldn't mess with a pirate. Tony then concluded she was the pirate he was looking for, but he noticed smething a lot more interesting about. Tony was able to sense that she had a powerful devil fruit power, a logia, the Mizu Mizu no mi, but she was also able to sense his logia devil fruit power. Soon enough, the mayor of Water 7, Iceberg, arrived coming to see the female pirate and addresses her as Alice D. Ceph, which Tony found shocking because had the exact same name. Iceberg then comments on how Tony and Alice look alike, and most of all, act alike. after coming to his conclusion, Iceberg then realizes that who Tony is and explains to the two that they are both twins. At first the two completely deny being related as they have not even met each other before now, but Iceberg then explains that the two were seperated after birth. Iceberg then explains that both siblings were born with an imense power and if they were together they would draw to much attention from the navy, so parents had them split up. Alice was left to be raised in Water7, and Tony was left on a small island on the grand line. Instead of trying to enjoy the moment of figuring out he had a twin sister, Tony thought about asking Alice to join his crew since he could sense she was strong, but he was interrupted by Alice asking him to join her crew. Tony felt completly annoyed about this and got into another argument with his sister. The two eventually came to the conclusion to have a duel and the winner would get the ship and become tha captain of their new crew. Their duel took place on a small island near Water 7. With both being nearly equal in power, the island was partially submerged underwater with massive thunderclouds hovering over it and Tony was the victor. Having lost, Alice agreed to become a part of Tony's crew and hand the ship over to him. A couple days later once the ship was finally ready, Tony had declared the name of the ship be the Apex Dragon, which annoyed the shipwright, Paulie, who had given the ship a different name. As the two sailed away, Tony declares that that day was the birth of the Apex Pirates, but Alice says that two people don't make a pirate crew.

Man Destined To Be The BestEdit

A while after setting sail from Water 7, Tony and his sister Alice came across a small island, where the villagers aren't too kind to pirates. Upon arriving for food and supplies for their trip, the two siblings are denied by everyone in the village and are told to leave. The two are soon met by a young arrogent swordsman name Ventus. Ventus says he's the strongest swordsman in his village and he's destined to be the strongest in the world. Tony and Alice just simply respond by saying Ventus talks too much. Tony then tells Ventus could never be the strongest because of his arrogence. Ventus becomes very annoyed and challenges Tony and Alice to a fight, but Tony and Alice soon sense a devil fruit power from Ventus, the logie type, Kaze Kaze no mi. Tony was also able to sense that Ventus was a Haki user. Tony became very excited and asked Ventus to join his crew, but he declined saying he was too great to serve under anyone.

Ventus then engade Tony in a fight, and was actually able to push Tony back with his swordsmenship combined with his devil fruit powers and Haki. Tony became very impressed when Ventus cut a lighting bolt that Tony fired at him in half. The fight between the two was soon put to a end as a angery mob of villagers demanded that the pirates leave and Ventus stop causing troulbe once again. The villagers then tell Ventus they don't want a retake of what happened the last time when pirates came to their village. Tony then reconsiders trying to make Ventus join his crew as he doesn't want to bring the villagers anymore trouble. Tony then mentions that he'll have to find someone else help him take out Blackbeard. Ventus overhears what Tony says and then asks him if he's going after the Blackbeard Pirates. After telling Ventus that he is going after Teach, Ventus explains that two years ago the Blackbeard Pirates came to and attacked his village. Ventus tried to challenge them, but lost and his parents were killed along with many others. Ventus then asks Tony if he joins his crew will it mean he could get another chance at the Blackbeard Pirates, and Tony says  most definately. Ventus then takes up on Tony's offer to join his crew and Tony agrees.

A New Eternal FlameEdit

Somewhere on a small island a young girl is being apprehended by a small group of Neo Marines. As she's being taken off the island, they're stopped by Tony who is sitting on top small house. The Neo marines ask him to identify himself, but Tony ignores them and asks the girl if her name is Anne. The girl says that her name is indeed Anne and Tony says he was sent by the leader of the revoltionary army, Monkey D. Dragon. After hearing that Tony is an ally to Dragon, they shoot at him leaving a bunch of lightning made holes in his body. The holes close up and Tony takes all the Neo marines out with a lightning attack from the sky. Tony then begins to wonder how he got into a situation like this and thinks back to a couple days when he and his crew were just relaxing on their ship until they get a surprise visit from the revolutionary Dragon. Instead of engaging in a fight, Tony invites Dragon aboard his ship. When Ven asks why, Tony says it's because he respects Dragon and what he does. When Dragon boards the ship he tells Tony and his crew that he needs their help. He explains that he had one of his revolutionaries infiltrate the Neo marines to steal something back, but she was soon captured and was going to executed. Dragon then says that with Tony's abilities and skills he'd be able to save her and bring her back unharmed. He then says that he'll pay any price. While Tony iis thinking about doing the job for nothing and Alice is thinking about doing it for supplies, Ven says they'll do it for Dragon's cloak and Dragon agrees. Tony and Alice become enraged by Ven's decision and kick him into the ocean.

In the present time, Tony explains to Anne that he's supposed to escort her back. Anne then tells Tony that she hasn't seen him before as she's under the belief that he too is a revolutionary. Tony then explains that he's a pirate and Anne begins to act negativaly towards him and Tony just says she's real annoying. Once night fall arrives, the two begin sharing stories about each other. In the begining the two don't get along well and get off to a bad start, but later on they're able to see eye-to-eye and even begin to like each other. Tony then asks Anne what it was she had to steal from the Neo marines. Anne then revealed it was a devil fruit that she stole, which Tony believes is the Mera Mera no mi that he gave to Ace when he first met him, which was highly possible since Ace had died and his devil fruit would go back into the cycle. For some reason Tony is unable to get a feel on the devil fruit, probably because it didn't have a user yet, but concluded that it wasn't the Mera Mera no mi because it was a different color. Once day break arrives, they're only one day away from arriving at the rendezvous with Dragon, but they are soon attacked by another fleet of Neo marines led by the leader of the Neo marines, Zephyr and his second in command, Ain. Tony says he would enjoy a fight with one of the best marines, but Zephyr says that he didn't come to play and all he wants is Anne and the devil fruit she stole. Tony refuses to hand either over and attacks Zephyr, but Zephyr is able to dodge Tony's attack and even stop them using his sea stone arm. Zephyr then attacks Tony by ramming into him from the side with his sea stone arm, badly injuring Tony. As Tony is about to get up and attack again, he realizes that he can't use his devil fruit abilities for some reason. He looks at his arm to see a handcuff made of sea stone around his wrist. Zephyr restates his ealier statement of how he isn't there to play. Tony says that only a fool would rely on his devil fruit alone, but he's soon stabbed in the back then shot by Ain, leaving him with a fatal wound. Both Tony and Anne are then captured by the Neo marines. As Tony is about to be finnished off by Zephyr, Anne takes the devil fruit she stole and shoves the entire fruit into her mouth. Tony tells Anne not to eat the devil as not even he knows what it does and could just cause her nothing but problems. Anne ignores Tony's warning and swallows the devil fruit whole, in which Tony calls her a moron. As Anne is praying for her devil fruit to do whatever it does, Zephyr becomes enraged and turns his attention to Anne. Zephyr then shoots Anne in the face, but she doesn't die, instead there's a fiery hole where her left eye used to be. The then closes up and Anne is unharmed. Tony is then able to fully sense the powers of the unknown devil fruit and says it's a logia type that is a lot like the Mera Mera no mi, called the Mera Mera no mi model Blue, a devil fruit that allows someone to control and become blue flames. Anne then uses her new powers to force Zephyr by heating up his seastone arm with blue flames. She then goes to Tony and with all her strength manages to melt the sea stone off of Tony's wrist. Now free, Tony uses his logia abilities to heal himself and dodge death. Tony tells Anne that he wouldn't mind her help, but he was asked to bring her back safe and so he tells her to go on without him and says that he'll fight Zephyr on his own. Anne accepts Tony's decision and decideds to run, but is chased by Ain and the rest of the Neo marines. Anne is about to be attacked by Ain and Binz, but they are soon stopped by Alice and Ven, who say they were wondering why Tony was so late. Ven engages Ain and Alice engages Binz. Tony vulcanizes both of his arms with Busoshoku Haki in order to break through Zephyr's arm with his new black lightning fighting style. Alice soon defeats Binz as she was able to control the water in the plants he created and turn them agaisnt him by tying him up with them. Ven tells Ain that he's aware of her ability to make people younger and welcomes her to use them on her as he believes even if he's an infant, he can still beat her since he's so great. Accepting his welcome, Ain turns Ven back seven years. Ven still engages Ain and the two go out into an extremely long battle. Meanwhile, Tony is still fighting Zephyr and is badly injuried by Zephyr's sea stone arm. Ven manages to defeat and disarm Ain with his new technique called SF1 Sleeping Possum. As Ain is defeated, Ven turns back to normal. Tony also unleashes a new attack called Apex Giga Dragon that creates a small crack in Zephyr's armor. This was so small it was unnoticed to Zephyr, but soon led to its destruction after Zephyr fought Luffy. As the two are both are at the edge, Dragon soon arrives and splits the ship the two were fighting on, seperting them both. As the two slowly drift apart, Zephyr says that Tony is a great fighter and he's glad he got to do a one-on-one fight with him, but he also tells him that Tony will die along with all the other pirates in the New world when he puts his plan into effect. The Apex Pirates, Dragon, and Anne all escape and Zephyr orders the Neo marines to retreat, but soon the navy arrives with Kizaru leading it. Kizaru says he's come to capture Zephyr and his Neo marines, but Tony stands in his way, saying he wont let anyone get past him. Tony explains that he understands Zephyr's reason for doing what he does since the navy practically awarded the pirate that Zephyr fought for beating him. Tony then tells Kizaru that the navy isn't around because of pirates, but pirates are around because of the navy. As the marines begin to surround the Dragon and the Apex pirates, Tony asks Dragon to take his friends away from the area and that he'll fight Kizaru alone. Tony's crew advise agaisnt it, especially Anne, as they say he isn't capable of beating someone like Kizaru. Tony just tells them that a crew is expected to follow its captain's orders and they're also underrestimating him. Tony uses his Apex Shot to destroy a battle ship that's blocking their way so that everyone else can escape. Tony then engages Kizaru on his own, but is easily being knocked down from battle ship to battle ship. As Kizaru is about to decapitate Tony with his Ama No Murakumo, Tony says that using his black thunder fighting style wouldn't work because it slightly slows him down, so he will have to use a different fihgting tactic. Tony tears the magatama around his neck off and then easily dodges Kizaru's attack. Kizaru notices that Tony has gotten much faster, but everyone else is confused how Tony is capable at moving at such speeds after being injuried so badly. All of Tony's wounds begin to instantly heal. Kizaru then comes to the conclusion that Tony was surpressing his power with the magatame he wore. Tony Kizaru that if his current speed and power aren't enough to keep up with the speed of light, then he'll just have to kick it up a notch. Tony whips out his arm and lightning streams down it and turns crimson red as it goes back up it. Tony's entire body turns red and a crimson glow forms around him, a transformation similar to Luffy's gear second. Tony calls his new transformation crimson thunder mode. As Kizaru is about to shoot Tony down with a beam, he notices that Tony is already in front of him. Tony explains that he used lightning to speed up his blood flow to make his body truely move as fast, or even faster than lightning and light. The two then engae in a battle that can hardly be seen due to their speed. The only ones able to see were Dragon and Ven. IN the middle of their battle, Tony and Kizaru managed to destroy most of the navy battle ships. As the Apex Pirates, Dragon, and Anne get too far to even see the battle, Tony appears on on the ship, badly beaten and wounded. He uses hos Stream to call all his magatama back. As the Apexes and Revolutionaries make their escape, Kizaru is standing on top of a sinking battle ship, looking at his broken arm. A couple days later, after the Apex Pirates has tended to their wounds, they're about to part with Dragon and Anne. Anne thanks Tony for protecting  and fighting for her. Dragon offers Tony and his crew to join the Revolutionary army and says Anne would need a teacher to help her learn how to control her new powers, which Anne becomes very happy about, but Tony refuses and says he'll do things his own way, but he does say that the Apex Pirates will be the Revolutionaries' greatest allies. Tony and Dragon then shake hands and decide to part, but Anne tells Dragon that she doesn't want to leave and wants to go with Tony and his crew. Dragon asks Anne if she's sure about her decision and she replies by saying that she is. Anne then begs Tony to let her join his crew and offers to be its cook. Tony agrees and Ven says it's alright since he thinks Alice's cooking is the worse, in which Alice then kicks Ven into the ocean. As she is happy that she's apart of the crew now, Anne thanks Dragon for taking care of her. Anne ruins her first dinner for the Apex Pirates though, as she tried to user her devil fruit powers to cook and accidently turned everything to ash.

The Last Witch Yuna Edit

Sometime after recruiting Anne, Tony decided to search for someone he heard rumors about that lived in a place the dark circle, an area surrounded by black fog, in the new world. Tony tells his crew that he heard rumors of a supposed witch that lived in the dark circle and he wanted to recruitt her as a part of his crew. The others tell Tony that there's no such thing as witches, but says that there are, despite that him saying he hasn't really seen one. The dark circle is within sight of the ship and Tony excitedly commands them to advance forward. Anne says that they should just turn back because the air is so dark she can't ignite a single flame, but Ven says she's just scared and she isn't strong enough. Anne becomes angered by what Ven says and kicks him into the ocean. Alice tells Anne to becareful where she sends Ven since the fog is so dark they can't see anything, and then she uses her Mizu Mizu no mi powers to bring him back on board. At that moment, Tony looks up and sees something flying in the sky heading towards them. The crew becomes terrified  and stunned to see a girl flying in the sky. As the girl passes by they see that she's dressed up in a witch outfit, sipping from a glass of lemoade, and sitting on a broom stick. The crew sees the girl land on a small island. Tony becomes excited and wants to go to meet the witch, but the others stop him saying that they don't want to get cursed. Alice says they need about the situation rationally, but Anne points out to her that Tony had already left. Tony arrives on the island and meets up with the witch. The witch is surprised to see anyone around and asks why Tony has come. Tony says he came looking for her and asks if her name is Yuna, and the witch replies, surprised, that she is. The witch Yuna asks Tony how he knows her name, and Tony says that he met her mother a long time ago and that she helped him out once. Tony tells Yuna that he was the last to see her mother and that she was capture and killed by the navy to keep the existence of witches a secret. Yuna tells Tony to stop as she doesn't want to here anymore and tells him to leave, but Tony refuses and says he can't leave without her as he made a promise to her mother to take care of Yuna after her mother died. Yuna becomes frustrated with Tony says then uses a spell on Tony to try to turn him into a tree, but for some reason her spell doesn't work. Tony then begins to doubt that Yuna is a real witch. Yuna then asks Tony what his full name is and he tells her. Yuna explains that a witch's spells don't work on Ds as they are absolutly pure hearted. Yuna then asks Tony why he would promise her mother to protect Yuna and he replies that it is because she was his friend. Yuna is then aboard the Apex Dragon, happily greeting everyone. Anne turns her hands into fire as a way to keep Yuna away, as to the legend of witches being burned at the stake. Yuna says that modern witches aren't afraid of fire anymore then uses a spell to put out Anne's flames. Ven completely denies that Yuna is a witch and says that she is either using a fancy devil fruit or this whole thing is just a nightmare. Anne feels relieved believing that the whole thing is a dream and falls on the floor and closes her eyes. Anne then hears Yuna telling her to wake up. Anne opens her eyes to see Yuna above her with thre huge demonic eyes on her face and razor sharp teetth which scares Anne. Alice tells Yunna to knock it off and Yuna turns back to her original form. Alice then asks Tony why a witch is on their ship and Tony replies by saying that Yuna is apart of their crew now and she's their navigator and doctor as she can use her spells to do multiple things. Alice then says that she wont allow Yuna to be apart of their crew. Tony then says she doesn't have a choice since he's the captain. Yuna then asks if they have a bathroom she can go freshen up in and Tony points the way right after. Ven still doubts that Yuna is a witch and if she's so great she'll defeat him in battle. Anne and Alice advise against any action, but Ven ignores and tries to surprise attack Yuna by jumping through a window, but she's already in the bath tub, naked. Ven falls into the tub with her, but Yuna doesn't seem to mind, in fact she hugs Ven and presses his face up agaisnt her breast. Ven gets a nose bleed and nearly passes out. After jumping out the tub, Alice and Anne rush in and kick Ven into the ocean, calling him a pervert. A while later Tony says that their crew is almost complete and once they find their final crew mate, he'll tell them what their goal is.

The Demon Man StoneEdit

The Apex Pirates eventually show up again to attack a small fleet of navy battle ships that's carrying a prisoner who Tony wants to join their crew. As the rest of the crew is distracting the marines, Tony, Ven, and Alice sneek on aboard the ship carrying all the prisoners.Being the best user of Kenbunshoku Haki, Tony asks Alice to search for the prisoner they're looking for. Alice agrees to assit, but asks who it is they're looking for. Tony tells them they're looking for a man named Stone, whom Tony heard rumors about. Tony explains that Stone supposedly isn't human nor myth, but something completely out of imagination, a vampire werewolf hybrid. Ven and Alice find Tony's story hard to believe, but Tony says they live in a world of the weird where there are people that gain strange abilities by eating fruit, witches like Yuna, cyborgs like the Kuma and the Pasifistas, and islands that float in the sky.

Alice soon locates the cell where Stone is being held captive, but leads Ven the wrong way because he's being annoying. Tony and Alice soon come to a tightly locked cell, but Tony uses his Goro Goro no mi powers to melt and reshape the metal chains and locks. Just a Tony is slowly opening the the cell door, a creature rushes out and uses a Rokushiki technique called Jugon agaisnt Tony crashing him up agaisnt the wall, but his unharmd as he uses Busoshoku Haki to vulcanize his entire to defend himself. The creature that attacked Tony turns out to be a werewolf with red eyes and fangs like a vampire, in a prison jump suit. Tony's impressed as he didn't know that Stone was also capable of using Rokushiki too. Alice is deeply terrified at the sight of hybrid. Tony forces Stone back and retracts his Busoshoku Haki army.

Tony tells Stone that they've come to break him free, but Stone says that he could never be free continues attacking Tony and even chases him off the ship. Just then Ven arrives shouts at Alice for leading him in the wrong direction. Ven asks what happened and Alice explains that Tony was chased off the ship by a monster. On the outside, just as Anne and Yuna are about to sink a navy ship, Tony suddenly appears on it, causing them to cease attack. As Tony is surrounded by many marines, he simply ignores their orders to stand down and looks up into the sky. Yuna and Anne look up too to see Stone in the air using Geppo. Anne becomes deeply terrified while Yuna isn't phased in the slightest bit.

Stone then charges down at Tony and destroys the battle ship in one fail swoop. Tony then appears on a different battle ship, unharmed, and Stone quickly follows and destroys that ship too. Stone constantly follows Tony to every ship he lands on and destroys three ships in the process. Tony lands back on the prisoner ship, but Stone uses Kamisori to attack him from behind, but luckily Ven intercepts him and stops Stone with his sword. Tony asks Ven why he interfered, and Ven responds by saying they should give up trying to recruit such a blood thirsty monster.

Stone then changes his attention to Ven and begins attacking him. The two both engage in a fight that Tony tells them both to stop, but they both ignore Tony. As the two are both about to engage in a final attack, Tony stops them both in an instant using his Stream and threatens to kill them both if they don't knock it off. Ven becomes terribly frightened of his captain for a short moment and Stone finally calms down to a point where he changes into a human form. Tony releases both Ven and Stone, and Stone run off back to his cell affraid after seeing all the damage he caused.

Tony and the rest of the Apexes follow Stone back down to the prison cells. Stone begs them not to let him out again and explains that isn't able to control his demonic side and that he turned himself into the marines so he wouldn't hurt people. Tony tells Stone that is he joins his crew he wont have to be scared of hurting people anymore. Stone tells Tony that what he wants is simply impossible and he'll just kill him and his entire crew, but Tony says that he's too strong to allow such a thing to happen and offers to help Stone control his demonic half. When Stone asks him how, Tony says he knows various means and that Stone's demonic side is just another power that he can't control yet. Stone comes out of his cell and tells Tony that if he promises to help him control his demonic side, he'll join the crew. Tony smiles and agrees, and Stone join the Apex Pirates.


Tony D. Ceph is a fanfiction character created by TONYCEPH.

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