Topple Rock


Topple Rock as it appears in books

Topple Rock is a natural rock formation in the world of One Piece.


The formation is located teetering atop a mountain ridge at the edge of Arabasta. Some of the sand of the desert has blown atop the rocks over the centuries.


Topple Rock is a natural rock formation, consisting of three enormous boulders stacked atop each other, all teetering on the peak of a mountain ridge. Despite the seemingly impossible concept of the formation, the rocks remain perfectly balanced, wobbling and leaning in the wind, but never toppling over.

Original Purpose

As a natural rock formation, Topple Rock serves no purpose other than one of the wonders of nature.

Current Purpose

Currently, Topple Rock serves as a bit of a tourist attraction. A desert town has been established at the foot of the mountain ridge, allowing people a closer view of the rock formation in exchange for money.

London Bridge is Falling?

In recent times, Topple Rock has come dangerously close to completely falling over. Indeed, geologists theorize that the formation will one day take it's name literally and topple over.

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