Template:Devil Fruit Template The Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Magma Phoenix allows the user to turn into a Phoenix made out of Magma making them a Magma Phoenix Human. A Magma Phoenix is the stronger form as "Marco The Phoenix's" Fruit. This was first owned by Masters Fu but he then killed him before he ate it.

Appearance Edit

The fruit looks like a Pineapple that is colored orange but with flamed shaped spikes coming out with a red stem.

Strengths Edit

This fruit allows the person into a Phoenix made of Magma. This allows powers from the Tori Tori No Mi, Model: Phoenix, and the Magu Magu No Mi. This also allows some powers from the Mera Mera No Mi such as flame fist. This is also the natural weakness to the Hie Hie No Mi and the Tori Tori No Mi, Model: Cryophoenix.

Weaknesses Edit

The main weakness is any water just like all devil fruits. The user also has a strong weakness to any Water Devil Fruit. The Smoke Smoke fruit will lose to this fruit unlike the Mera Mera No Mi which will just tie with it.

Abilities Edit

Human Form Edit

The main strength in human form is its logia style abilities and being able to manipulate fire and magma and with multiple Technigues

Hybrid Form Edit

The only things he can do in this form is fly around and scratch people with his talons

Full Form Edit

In this form anything that touches him will be burned badly and also he can fly for a very long time

Technigues Edit

  • Dai Funka - The user shoots a magma fist just like Admiral Akainu
  • Fire Fist - The user shoots a fist of fire
  • Magma Explosion - The user explodes himself into a giant magma explosion and then reforms later

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