Tsuke Kusaki is the current artist of the Strawhat Pirates and the former combat slave of the Warlord Donquizote

Tsuke Kusaki
Age 16
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type AB+
Birthdate 12-26-2012
Height 163cm
Weight 35kg
Island of Origin Unknown
Occupation Artist
Crew Strawhat Pirates
Former Allegiance

Donquizote Donflamingo

World Government (As combat slave)

Family Tozen Kusaki (Older Brother)
Bounty 180,000,000


Devil's Fruit

To travel to the end of the world and recreate every wonderous scene in his art.

Animate Animate Fruit

Donflamingo. He is revealed to be mute. He has a pet named Kari, a cat that has eaten the Shroi Tora Fruit ("White Tiger Fruit").


One of his most prominant features is his silvery white hair that curls down to the side of his head. His corresponding silver eyes are big and wide, giving the feel of innocence and gentleness. He wears a blue pull-up mask that hides the bottom part of his face, covering his mouth and nose. The reason for this is later explained during the Strawhat's journey.

No matter the weather the Grand Line might unleash, Tsuke wears the same outfit: Tight sky-blue tank top, black long jacket and shorts, and dark shoes that is similar in shape with Black Leg Sanji's shoes, but with more athletic shape.

One of the few times Tsuke is seen without the mask, to the shock and anger of the Strawhats, it is revealed that his entire mouth was stitched shut. This explains the reason why Tsuke does not talk and eat with the Pirates when they meet at the Arlong Park. Later in the series, according to Chopper, his hooves is too thick and clumsy to undo the various stitches made to his face.


Tsuke is a gentle and kind person who does not try to stand out. In fact, he tends to stay out of sight, away from unfamiliar people. His shy nature keeps him from "letting it lose and party", according to some Strawhats. However, he is almost loyal to a fault to his family (it was his brother, and now the Strawhat Pirates). He is willing to sacrifice everything, even his freedom and life to keep everyone he loves safe.


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