One Piece:Unlimited Journey!


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Author Erase Alpha
Date Published March 21st 2011
Fiction Rated T (Fanfiction.netRating System)
Language English
Genre Adventure/Comedy
Chapters 3
Status In Progress
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One Piece:Unlimited Journey is a recent fanfic by Erase Alpha. It is an AU where the main diference is the geographic distribution. Unlike the normal One Piece world, the Journey world is composed mainly of land. It is a complete retelling of One Piece.


The story for Unlimited Journey seems to be a retelling of One Piece.


The prologues for Journey are written in a somewhat fairy tale like style. They tell a compressed version of characters' pasts. They are considered separate from the main chapters and are not titled like the others.

East Lands SagaEdit

Another Romance DawnEdit

Chapters 1-?

Luffy and Ace start their journeys. Luffy meets Coby and defeats the merchant Alvida. Afterward, Luffy and Coby head to Shells town where they learn about the wandering fighter "Great White" Roronoa Zoro

Main DifferencesEdit


The author has confirmed the primary difference is the geography of the world. It is nearly completely inverted.

The Blues become the lands: East Lands, West Lands, South Lands, North Lands

Cursed StonesEdit

In the first chapter, Luffy mentions being cursed by a stone. It seems to be the equivalent of Devil Fruits. Coby mentions the earth itself hates cursed humans. At the moment, it is unknown what weaknesses a cursed human has.

Character ClassesEdit

Given it is a recent story there isn't much information on how these classes work but severall have been mentioned.


Adventurers seem to be a rough equivalent to good pirates, like the Straw Hats.

Royal KnightsEdit

Coby says he wants to be a Royal Knight. It is possible these are equivalent to higher ranking marines.


The police seems to be equivalent to common marines.


There isn't much information on merchants. The best guess is that they're equivalent to the pirates that don't travel or do much.


Bandits seem equivalent to destructive pirates.


Storms are an unique aspect of the Journey world. Unlike the original One Piece world where difficulty of travelling by sea and pirates prevent people from moving, storms seem to be the main obstacle. Not much is know about storms, but Coby says goggles are needed for crossing and a cursed human like Luffy could've died there.

King of Journeys and One PieceEdit

The King of Journeys is supposedly the equivalent of the Pirate King

Caravans and ConvoysEdit

From what is seen on the first chapter, a caravan is an equivalent of a pirate crew while a convoy is like a ship.

Character ArtEdit

The author has released art of Luffy in his UJ outfit. Supposedly, there will be more to come.

Unlimited Journey Luffy (Arc 1)

Chapters and LinksEdit


Prologue 1 (Luffy, Ace and Sabo) On Deviant Art

Main Story Edit

Chapter 1-Another Romance Dawn On dA

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