Vermelha is a red-bellied piranha mermaid.


Vermelha is a tall, curvaceous mermaid. She has long, wavy red hair and blue eyes. Her mouth is full of small, sharp teeth. Her tail is ventrally red and dorsally gray with silver-flecked scales, and it has split into two legs because she is over 30.

Her preferred outfit is a black Criminal top and blue short shorts. She wears earrings and a pearl necklace from her late mother. She wears sandals that accommodate her lack of toes.


Unlike most mermaids, Vermelha is ill-tempered and aggressive. She was girlier when she was younger, but the kidnapping of her parents for slavery, which she herself barely escaped, followed by learning how valuable young mermaids are as slaves, led to her current attitude.

Despite her behavior, she developed a close (and possibly romantic) friendship with the mild-mannered Gore.

Abilities and Powers

As a mermaid, Vermelha can breathe underwater, talk to fish, and is one of the fastest swimmers in the sea. Her swimming speed is especially fast even compared to other merfolk. As a piranha mermaid, she has great biting force and can quickly replace lost teeth.

Merman Combat

Vermelha can manipulate water using Merman Combat.


Vermelha is a proficient user of Busoshoku Haki.


Vermelha wields a bladed trident, and has shown expertise in Merman Jujutsu.


"Vermelha" is the feminine Portuguese word for "red".

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