Victor Valentine
Age 40
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type Rh Negative
Birth date November 22
Height 6'5"
Weight 240 lbs.
Birth place Momoiri Island
Occupation Shichibukai; Prince/Princess (Former)
Epithet The Astral Shade
Family Marjorin Valentine (Deceased)
Bounty Bsymbol10530,000,000 (Former)
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name Horo Horo no Mi
English Name: Hollow Hollow Fruit
Meaning: Hollow
Type: Paramecia

Victor Valentine, also known as The Astral Shade, is a member of the Shichibukai, with a former bounty of B 530,000,000. He is the son of the late Marjorin Valentine, whom he killed out of disgust for the path he had chosen for him. He became a black market broker and a pirate so he could live freely and not be on a path chosen by others.

Appearance Edit

He stands at 6'5", making him the third shortest out of the Shichibukai. He's lanky, yet muscular, and sports a light tan and blue hair, which is shaved on one half of his head, revealing it not to be dyed. He sports a pair of yellow-golden sunglasses with purple lenses and golden ringlet earrings. He has two triangle tattoos above and below his right eye, covering a scar from when he had cut it out, which he now wears, sealed in a glass, as a necklace.

He wears a plain, unbuttoned lime shirt, a blue sash, and floral patterned, ruffled pink pants. He also has a pair of shoes made for his longer, than average feet. He also wears a gold-studded collar that he has wrapped around his sash in what he thinks looks cool. Bu the most distinctive of all, is his white fur coat, which came from a Lapahn he killed for fun when he harrased the Sakura Kingdom.

Personality Edit

He is a very arrogant individual, going as far as to insult one of the Navy Admirals to their face, and laugh about it. He is also very impulsive, having killed a Lapahn for fun just to use it as a coat instead of buying a new one.

Another thing about him is that he is very care-free, and doesn't care if anyone failed him, just as long as they followed his orders to the T. Although he is arrogant and confident in his abilities to match up to a Navy Admiral, he has an extreme case of Arachnaphobia, going as far as to blow holes in his own ships just to get rid of them. He almost always smiles, except when he's around spiders.

But just because he can laugh off a failed mission, doesn't mean he'll let his subordinates off easy. If they do anything they were not told directly to do, then he becomes extremely angry, going as far as to send one of his lower ranking men to kill the offender, then killing the one who killed the offender on pretense of murder of crew member. He is also a very cruel individual, torturing people who displeased him or were too weak and failed to put up a good challenge.

Although his impulsive actions doesn't make him seem like it, he is very cunning, and is able to play psychological mind games with even the most mentally secure, being able to bend others to his will in order to get what he wants. His motto reflects this, saying, "Anyone can get anything in this world with just the right amount of leverage." He is a mastermind in business and was able to make a foretune on the Black Market.

Relationships Edit

Crew Edit

Although he treats his subordinates as expendable, he has a genuine bond with his higher ranking officials, going as far to extend the rule that if anyone insults him he kills him, to the rest of his officials. He is also well respected by his officials and feared by his subordinates.

Enemies Edit

Victor is very sadistic to his enemies, torturing them and putting them through pain, usually for attacking him and his crew. Has no love for weak pirate crews who try to make it in the Grand Line, and usually builds them up and then tears them down.

Allies Edit

The World Government, his most prominent ally, he must keep in line with, otherwise they might revoke his title of Shichibukai, but that doesn't stop him from insulting the Navy Admirals for their failiures at catching pirates and reminding them that it was him and his fellow Warlords and bounty hunters who really got the catches. Despite this, they still respect his strength out of awe and fear.

He has allies on the Black Market who he respects for being willing to work with him.

Abilities and Powers Edit

As an influential Broker in the Underworld, he has access to weapons of mass destruction, powerful mercenaries, and other dangerous tools. He makes most of his money from the Underworld by either making or stealing weapons of mass destruction, then selling them to countries looking for a leg-up in a war. As a Shichibukai, he is able to take several platoons of Navy soldiers as personal body guards/mercenaries due to a change in the powers of the Seven Warlords. He has free rain over his territory and is exempt from most laws that are bound to other pirates.

Physical Abilities Edit

He is a very tough and durable individual, and hints at his own strength when he insults a Navy Admiral, saying that the reason they don't revoke his title was because they wouldn't want the equivalent of an Admiral as their enemy. And he has strength to back up this claim, being able to casually smash apart boulders nearly ten times his size and able to take a large explosion meant to blow apart iron point blank without a scratch. He is also very fast and light on his feet, able to leap several meters into the air and run fast enough to seem invisible to the naked eye.

Devil Fruit Edit

Valentine ate the Horo Horo no Mi, a devil fruit that allows the user to produce a near infinite amount of ghosts, called Hollows, in several variations. Some of his most basic ghosts are his Laughter and Rage Hollows. The Laughter Hollow causes the receiver to fall down laughing, unable to fight, and the Rage Hollow causes the person to fly into seething fury attacking anyone around them.

Another type, is the Puppet Hollow, one that he sends into the body of a person, and once they become solider, he is able to control any movement in their body, and is also able to contort their bodies in ways they wouldn't normally be able to do.

He is also able to create explosive Hollows, whose explosions depended on the size of them. He is able to rapidly shoot small small ones out of his finger like a gun, exploding on impact. He can also create massive ghosts, which have the ability to wipe out entire towns.

But one of his most damning abilities using his devil fruit, is his ability to project his consciousness on an astral plain, allowing him to attack indirectly with his explosive ghosts while not being able to be harmed at all. In this form, he is able to phase through walls, fly, change his size, and become invisible.

Haki Edit

Victor has a near mastery of Busoshoku Haki, giving him the abilty to raise the power of his already strong attacks by large margins. This also gives him the ability to hurt Logia users and Paramecia users who are resistant to different forms of attack. He also is good at Kenbunshoku Haki, which allows him to use his fast speed to avoid attacks better.

Rokushuki Edit

Shigan Edit

Valentine is able to utilize the ability of Shigan, or Finger Pistol, giving him the ability to choose specific targets on his opponent to hit. When combined with his Haki, he increases the already immense power of the pinpoint attack.

Geppo Edit

When not in his Astral form, he uses Geppo, or Moon Walk, to get around in the air.

History Edit

Childhood to Teen Years Edit

Born on the island of Momoiro, Victor was raised as a queer by his father and kinsmen. A few years later as his life went by normally, unexpectedly, the Queen died. He had no heir to the throne and the island was thrown into a panic as they tried to trace the routes of the late Queen back. Through careful research, it was discovered that Marjorin Valentine, Victor's father, was a distant relative of the Queen and was soon given the throne, giving Victor his first access to power.

As the Prince of Kamabakka Kingdom, he became lax and demanded entertainment, a trait his father tried to stamp out, but would remain until the age of seventeen. At this age, he was now growing into the more crucial parts of governing a kingdom and had begun to mature, but that all changed one fateful day.

Seeing how he was now growing more into his role, Marjorin decided that he would let Victor participate in the turning of a pirate crew that had tried to invade. As Victor spent more and more time with the imprisoned crew, he slowly began to realize that there was so much out in the world than just pink fluffy clouds and animals. With that, he began to become disgusted with the island he had been raised on since birth, hating every day he spent on the island from then on. Marjorin didn't notice this behaviour until Victor attacked one of his servants, beating them nearly to death.

Worried about him and the safety of the people there, Marjorin had Victor locked up, but that only got him closer to the pirate crew, who told him stories of their adventures and their looting of islands like Momoiro. Hearing these things, Victor craved the thought of freedom away from the horrid place, and he devised a plan to get out of there.

Faking that he was fine now and it was just a bug that had startled him, he asked his father to throw on a banquet for the entire island, to celebrate his recovery. Being ever-doting, Marjorin agreed, and soon the whole Kingdom was feasting. While Victor brought food to the prisoners, saying that it might help them turn, Marjorin began to have a coughing fit, dying as no one could do anything. It was discovered later that the soup he had been given had been poironed, and discovered MUCH later was the fact that Victor and the pirate crew was missing.

Pirate Career Edit

Rising in the ranks of that crew, Victor quickly became the Captain and began a raiding career of many islands and Marine ships, killing many people. At one point, he went to the Sakura Kingdom, and killed a Lapahn, taking his fur coat. During his career as a pirate, he obtained the Horo Horo no Mi, and only got stronger, quickly going from B 300,000,000 to B 400,000,000 after that. Sometime during the few months afterwards, he was in a Marine ambush, and to terrify his enemies, he cut out his own eye, showing how crazy he could be. He slaughtered every Marine there, raising his bounty to the one it is frozen at now, B 530,000,000. After receiving a request to join the Shichibukai, Valentine accepted, becoming one of the Seven Warlords at the age of twenty-six.

Shichibukai Career Edit

As a Warlord, Victor used his immunity to build himself up a reputation of a nice guy, aiding a kingdom in the New World by offering his own men as protective forces against outside attack. In reality, though, he rules the kingdom from the shadows, using it as a base of operations for his Black Market dealings and making himself one of the most influential Brokers in the Underworld. He creates and steals many weapons of mass destruction, which he sells on the Black Market. But not only that, when people bid for the weapons, he has allies on the Black Market bid lots of money, just so they can hike up the price and earn a fortune off of one sell.

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