Vincent Von Heaven
Age 18
Gender Male
Species Half Vampire
Bloodtype N/A
Height 5'8
Weight N/A

Island of


Somewhere in North


Occupation Pirate
Ephitet Red Eye
Crew Black Phoenix Pirates
Position Gunslinger/Sniper

William "Bat" Earpp

Wilhelmina "Mina"

Von Heaven

Bounty N/A

To become the greatest

gumman in the world

and to find his father

"Red Eyed" Vincent Von Heaven or simply called Vince by his crew is an unofficial Second Mate of Black Phoenix Pirates and serve as a Gunman/Sniper of the team.


Vince has shoulder long brown hair, parted on the right, with most kept over his eye. He has a very striking colour for the eyes that soon will become his trademark, which is blood red. He's a quite stylish guy and often seen wearing a neat clothing.

He's dress code is more like "Wild West" Cowboy which shows in his collection of trenchcoat and robe in various colour and always wear somekind of headress, wether a headbands of a hats. Vince is also a chain-smoker, and is rarely seen without a cigarette.


Along with Zen and Fred, Vince often being called the Comedy Fools within the crew. However, Like Bob, he is more perceptive than he seems, and often tells people what they need to hear instead of what they want. Hence, he is seen as one of the more hardened members of the crew and can often be as scary as Bob at times.

Vince is also able to think one step ahead and quite a strategist (especially during dangerous situations) before anyone else does making him quite clever.When these events go as he planned, he has a habit of saying 'Check!' - referring of chess game.

He is very amorous, constantly flirting with any attractive woman he sees, earning him the nickname "ero-vamps" by others, but he referring himself as "The Cupid with Rifle". He also considers himself handsome and charming, often comparing himself to a fairytale prince. So far, this trait has not been noted by others. He tends to be brought sharply back to earth by the more cynical people around him (such as being called the "Count Doucheula" by Bob prompting Vince to shot him).

He also has delusions of positionship, and believed himself to be the first mate when he first joined and continues to arguing with Bob about that.

Weapon/Fighting StyleEdit

        Main article:Exhibition shooting


As a gunman of the crew, he's using variety of different pistols, cannons, shotguns and rifles. In the beginning of the story, he carries a common flintlock, and a musket and a Tommy gun-like machinegun . Then, he changed to more elaborate, revolver like gun, machinegun and rifle which he could shift its equipments and barrel length, according to the situation





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