Vladimir Lawliet

Japanese Name ヴラディーミル・ローライト
Romanized Name Vuradīmiru Rōraito
English Name

Vladimir Lawliet

Age 25
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type AB
Birthdate August 7
Height 174 cm (5'9")
Weight 61 kg (134 lbs.)
Island of Origin Dawn Island
Affiliations Black Pearl Pirates; Marines (formerly)
Occupation Swordsman; Pirate Captain; Marine Vice Admiral (former)

Vlad (ヴラッド, Vuraddo)

The Impaler (串刺し, Kushizashi)

Vampire of the East (東の吸血鬼, Higashi no Kyūketsuki)

Crew Black Pearl Pirates
Position Captain

Nate D. Lawliet (brother)

Bounty Bsymbol10420,000,000
Dream Undisclosed
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Fēzā Fēzā no Mi
English Name: Phasing-Phasing Fruit
Meaning: The ability to pass through physical objects, whether solid, liquid or gas, without harm. Also known as "Intangibility".
Type: Paramecia

Vladimir Lawliet (ヴラディーミル・ローライト, Vuradīmiru Rōraito) is the fearsome captain of the Black Pearl Pirates, an infamous and powerful pirate crew currently residing within the first half of the Grand Line—known as Paradise. He is renowned far and wide across the seas as the Impaler (串刺し, Kushizashi) and Vampire of the East (東の吸血鬼, Higashi no Kyūketsuki) for his ruthlessness and extraordinary combat skills with the sword. Vladimir was also formerly a prominent member of the Marines, active mostly during the Whitebeard War Saga and the period afterwards, and had served, during the height of his career, as a prolific Vice Admiral of its forces at the Marine Headquarters in Marineford. His current bounty is shown to be Bsymbol10420,000,000.


Vladimir is a slender, mild-featured man with average height, fair skin and a lean built. He exhibits onyx eyes and black shoulder-length hair, the latter of which is noted to carry slight blue tint to it, as well as frame both sides of his face. His attire consist of a navy blue, short-sleeved shirt, together with a long black leather trench coat, with matching pants and boots. He is also often noted to carry with himself a navy blue bandanna, which he is said to wear only when engaging a noteworthy opponent in battle.





Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Shodai KitetsuEdit



Kenbunshoku HakiEdit

Busoshoku HakiEdit

Devil FruitEdit


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