Will o Wisps, in mid-rotation


Some Will o Wisps as they appear in books

The Will o Wisps are a strange phenomenon of dancing lights that occur over grassy fields in the distance.


Anywhere where there are grassy fields. They only appear at night, and only once in that spot.


For a long time, these strange dancing balls of light were a mystery. They always appeared in twos or threes, dancing and rotating over grassy fields. Ancient records said they heralded the arrival of another strange phenomenon. But any time anyone tried to get close to them, they would vanish, and not reappear again.

How they vanished varies depending on who claims to have approached them. Some say they just fade away. Others say they stop dancing and fly up into the sky. Others say they explode in a burst of light.

Original Purpose

What causes them is unknown, but scientists theorize they are a trick of the light. However, these balls of light appear even on cloudy or moonless nights, but never when it rains.

Current Purpose

Though ancient texts speak of them, their appearances have been on the rise in recent times. Scientists have tried to study them, but are unable to get close enough.

Rings of Mystery

It is said that the appearance of the balls of light over a grassy field happen the night before the Mysterious Rings appear in that same field. However, this only seems to happen if the balls of light are not disturbed by someone approaching to investigate. The connection is unknown.

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