One Piece: Will of the Psy-Mar

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Author Cory of PRIVATE Corp
Date Published November 2009
Fiction Rated T
Language English
Genre Action/Adventure, Comedy
Chapters ???
Status Ongoing, Rewrite

One Piece: Will of the Psy-Mar (formally Tales from the Psy-Mar Crew) is a fan-fiction written by Cory of PRIVATE Corp, currently in the process of being re-written. Published in 2009, it tells the tale of the young Psy-Mar Pirates setting out in search of One Piece, with Peytan E. Hilbert's dream to becoming the next Pirate King while racing against Negrot "Green" Beret for the title and treasure.



Characters Edit

Psy-Mar PiratesEdit

Main Article: Psy-Mar Pirates

Locations Edit

South Blue Edit

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South Blue SagaEdit


# Chapter Title Chapter Summary
0 Legend of the D. and E. After finding the One Piece, Monkey D. Luffy became the Second Pirate King, only for a short time. During his time alive, a new will, the Will of E, appeared and people began speculating on how this new will came about. One man, Negrot Beret, may know what secrets it has and he wants to exploit it so he could get his hands on the One Piece.

Peytan & the Mar-Mar Fuit ArcEdit

# Chapter Title Chapter Summary

Coming soon!


Coming soon!

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