William Newgate was born somewhere in South Blue and is the son of the former Whitebeard Pirates captain, Edward Newgate. After the death of his father, he decides to avenge his death by being a pirate and defeating the former Marine fleet admiral, Sakazuki. He joined the Orange-Haired pirates and is the first mate of the crew. He holds a bounty of  [1]20,000,000. He is known as Wind Wave William due to his Kaze Kaze no Mi powers.


William is a tall young man, quite muscular. He wears long red black shirt a pair of black gloves, and sports pants along with red shoes. His hair is red. 


Edward is a calm and serious man, who usually doesn't lose his temper. Sometimes he is quite frightening and a scary person who can scare his opponents by just a glare or by looking at them with furious looks. While in battle, William shows no mercy in order not to lose. While with his friends, he is nice and calm, even smiling sometimes in happy times with his friends. He has pride of himself because of his power and personality, the place he got to after trying hard. He is shown to be very loyal and respectful towards his captain Sid. 

Abilities and PowersEdit

Physical AbilitiesEdit

William was shown to be a muscular man and pretty strong even without his Devil Fruit abilities. He was shown to be able to break a small mountain of rock with few punches which shows his incredible strength.

Devil FruitEdit

William has eaten accidentally (when he was young) the Kaze Kaze no Mi, which is a Logia-type devil fruit, that allows him to control and manipulate the wind and air around him. The fruit also allows him to become wind in order to avoid physical attacks. Since the age of 7 (debut) William trains himself in controlling the power and developing techniques until now. 

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