William Reiner is the Sniper for the Vain Pirates.

William Reiner

Character my manga smile by kinly-d35rkhm
Age 20
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type A+
Birthdate 4/13
Height 5'11
Weight 165 lbs
Island of Origin Unknown
Occupation Pirate
Epithet Sky Shot
Crew Vain Pirates
Position Sniper
Family Unknown Father(Deceased) Unknown Mother(Deceased)

Vivian Thomas(Wife)

Father McNally (Adoptive Father)

Bounty 35,000,000
Dream To become the best shot

Appearance Edit

William is a well-built, slim teenage boy. He has golden eyes and dark brown, spiky hair. He wears a plaid button up shirt underneath a dark blue sweater. He also wears Brown pants with a black belt and black loafers.

Pearsonality Edit

William is a fun loving boy who gets along with everyone he meets and loves to be around his friends. He also loves his Captain and would do anything she asked him to.

Relationship Edit

Vivian Thomas Edit

Vivian is William's captain and is the Captain of the Vain Pirates. He is also her Husband. They grew up together and were in love when they were younger so they got married.

Ruger Rona Edit

Ruger is one of William's closest friends. They often bicker about who is the better lookout.

Dante Black Edit

Dante is one of William's closest friends. Their personalities are different. They do like to protect Vivian and will always help each other when she is in trouble. The often fish together and argue over who is the better fisher

Marion Thomas Edit

William likes Marion and they get along. They grew up together.

Abilities Edit

William has consumed the Tori Tori no Mi: Model Crow . The main power of this fruit is the ability to do a partial transformation or a full transformation. In both transformation he is able to fly.

William is also an amazing sniper who almost never misses.

Weakness Edit

He has the normal devil fruit weakness. If his wings got wet he wouldn't be able to fly either so it'd leave him grounded.

Weapons Edit

William uses a rifle with a flash dial in it so it's hard to tell where they bullet comes from. He calls this rifle Redemption

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