Wolf W. Arthur

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The Black Wolf


Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type O+
Birthdate 3rd July
Island of Origin

Water 7




Ex. CP-0 Member

Crew Sea Wolf Pirates
Position Captain

Father - Wolf W. John

Mother - Wolf W. Marianne

Sister - Wolf W. Rachel


1st = 380,000,000 berry


To bring balance and justice to this world. To become stronger and stronger every day.

Wolf W. Arthur, is the captain of the Sea Wolf Pirates. A former member of the CP-0 organization, he mastered the Rokushiki and also originally combined the Rankyaku technique with the Black Leg Style, and he also learned the Hasshoken from his father, which greatly strengthened his battle skills and by extending his bounty. He also used to work as a waiter undercover, where he learnt more precision and politness. He is also an affiliate and sometimes ally of the Revolutionary Army. His possession of Haki easily made him one of the strongest and youngest CP-0 members.There were some rumors that he has Devil Fruit powers, and although he hasn't consumed one yet he is in possession of a Devil Fruit. His mother, Wolf W. Marianne, a pirate, died after giving birth to him. His father, Wolf W. John is a Vice Admiral and his sister, Wolf W. Rachel is a Marine Captain. After leaving CP-0, Arthur visited his old friend Tenko so they could start a journey around the world, and together founded the Sea Wolf Pirates. In order to control his massive strength he has heavy metal weights embedded in his clothing (Tie and blazer). This is also partly to control the destruction he causes from his short temper. He has a close relationship with Portgas D. Anne.


Arthur is calm and violent at the same time. He is also a gentleman but during a fight he's concentrated and doesn't care if his enemiy is a man or a woman. He's smart and strong, and also appreciates elegancy and values friendship highly and would do anything to protect his allies. This also shows that he is incredibly selfless and righteous, and is extremely proud of himself for it. however he is prone to laziness and spends much of his time sleeping, being able to fall into deep sleep in a matter of seconds. However, he has shown the trained ability to defend himself unconsciously even while sleeping.


He has black hair and black eyes. He is slim, yet muscular. He has a tattoo of his jolly roger on his left upper arm.  As an assassin, he wore a fancy black suit with the sleeves normally rolled up, with black leather shoes and a black tie and a white handkerchief in the breast pocket. Usually, however, he wears every day clothes.

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