The Yin Yang (陰陽 Onmyō) are a rookie pirate group originating from East Blue, though the members are from all over the world. the ranking follows the Absolute (Taiji), which follows by the ying and yang  and then 5 yin soliers and 5 yang soldiers . So the crew has a total of 13 members. They have trained seperatly and together for the sake of the promise they made upon joining.

Crew members Edit

  • Misty Darkness: Silver Rose (captain)
  • Akito sarutobi the exiled (quatermaster yin)
  • Setsuna satori (quatermaster yang)
  • nero natsumi: the heavenly judge
  • yuri krinjore
  • jerome rumford
  • anastasia
  • Winona nexus
  • Bianca amani
  • Elena Suzuki
  • Hana Ootani
  • Alice krinjore
  • Ashley yoshida

Crew strength Edit

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