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Age 12
Gender Male
Species Human
Bloodtype AB-
Birthdate Unknown
Height 4'4
Weight 66 Ib

Island of


Occupation Pirate
Ephitet Nobody
Crew Black Phoenix Pirates
Position Navigator
Family ???
Bounty Unknown

To Investigate his


Z (pronounce Zee) is a boy thats become a pirate who serve Black Phoenix Pirates as their navigator.He is the fourth member of the crew and the third to join, as well as being the youngest member on board.Because of his unknown past and mysterious existence, he'd given nickname "Nobody" by the marines.


Z is a average built boy, just like what a normal 12 year old boy usually is. Beside of that, he has a shoulder length, silver hair with two bang out under his bandana hanging down, one on either side of her head. His eye is Blue coloured.

He often seen wearing a white, long sleeved T-Shirt with pant with different pattern which he had many under black hooded vest.


At first, Z was not really interested in human relationships, even calling himself 'a little devil.' But after spending time with Zen and Bob , Z came to lovethe worlds and the friends they made. He also playfully teases Zen about being 'idiot' while still being his most trustworthy friend. He also one of the most intelligent people in the series and as noted above Z occasionally reads common topics he finds interesting which sometimes will turn into an obsession that overwhelms him until he knows everything about that subject. Although Z often seen fools around with Zen,Vince and Fred for laughs and is also a thankful listener to Vince and Fred stand-up comedy, actually, he's somewhat a very cold and toughtful kid. Beside Sarah, Z is usually one of the the quiet, reserved crew member, rarely talks about unnecessery things. However, he rarely can't hold himself when the Comedy Fools fooling around and burst to laugh.

Weapon/Fighting StyleEdit





  • Z bounty list stylised his name to Z. But its hard to track and to edit the page, so I change its name to capital Z.

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