&nbsp Zeta (じた, Jita), is one of the few survivors of the destruction of Mirachi.


Zeta is a 25-year-old man who constantly wears a traveling cloak; therefore, not much is known about his appearance. He is blind, due to unknown circumstances. His half-human form is simply his normal appearance, however with a scorpion's tail and bladed hands.


Zeta is one of the few who survived the destruction of Mirachi. He ate the Pan Pan no Mi some time before.


Zeta ate the Pan Pan no Mi, enabling him to turn into a giant scorpion at will. Although he is blind, his scorpion abilities more than make up for the loss of his eyes, giving him heightened sense of touch and hearing, enabling to "feel" enemies by sensing their body heat. Since he ate the fruit at an early age, he has a large amount of control over it.


  • Migimi (みきみ, Right-Hand Sword) -- Zeta transforms his right hand into a long katana, and attacks in a slashing fashion. Capable of destroying stone.
  • Hidarizenchou (ひだりぜねちょう, Left-Hand Span) -- Zeta transforms his left hand into a claw-like figure. Weaker than Migimi, however more manuveurable.
  • Shidageki (しだげき, Death Strike) -- Zeta infuses his tail with deadly poison and attacks the opponent. The poision kills the person with three minutes. However, this is a taxing ability and greatly tires Zeta.

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