Zo Zo no Mi, Model: MammothEdit

Zo Zo ni Mi, Model: Mammoth
English Name: Elephant Elephant Fruit

, Model Mammoth


The major strength of this fruit is that it provides a major increase to the users strength and their senses. When transformed into a full mammoth, it makes them as powerful as a mammoth would be, and while transformed as a hybrid, it takes the users normal capabilities, and amplifies them greatly. In other words, the stronger the user normally is, the stronger they get when transformed as a hybrid. There are other, more subtle, strengths that the users of this fruit acquire when either transformed fully or as a hybrid as well. One such strength is the use of a mammoths trunk, which can act as a third hand. Another would be the tusks they grow, which can be used as a powerful weapon. Conceivably the biggest strength though, depending on the users circumstances, would be a complete immunity against the cold. This immunity is not only thanks to the wool like fur they gain, but also thanks to their special, adapted blood that keeps them warm even in the harshest of climates.


This fruit is an oversized green coloured cherry with red swirls.


A major weakness is that, even though the user gets an incredible amount of strength, his speed becomes drastically slow. The human/mammoth hybrid and full mammoth form are both very big (even bigger than other Zoan Devil Fruit users) so the user just becomes a giant target.

The user suffers from the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.

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