Zodiac Faction
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Main Ship  ???
Jolly Roger ???
Leader- Mr. X
Type ???
Crew Population 10 (formerly 12)
Total Bounty ???????????? [1]

The Zodiac Faction is the main antagonistic group in the Fanfic, One Piece: The Rising Sun.  Their motives as a whole appears to be searching for the Poneglyphs in order to destroy the World Government and find Nico Robin, the only one left who can translate these ancient writings.


Name Position Epithet Bounty
El Toro the Taurus Pirate Captain(deceased) "The Executioner" 75,000,000
Lilian the Scorpio
Doreah the Capricorn King(deceased) N/A N/A
Krakar the Monkey
Alex the Rooster
Shune the Serpent
Basus the Tiger Pirate Captain "Deadringer" 180,000,000
Harriet the Rat
Valen the Dragon
Riey the Virgo
Sieg the Sagitarrius
Mr. X the Aries Leader of the Zodiac Faction

Crew StrengthEdit

Little is known about them at the moment, but considering that they appear the be a well informed and well financed group, it is safe to say that they are indeed quite powerful.  The only two that the Sparrow Corp. have met have been rather difficult opponents.  Of course, the only one to even have a bounty mentioned was El Toro with a commendable 75 million beris.  The next member which they have yet to meet, Basus the Tiger, has an astounding 180 million on his head.  This goes to show that if such strong members are a part of this group that one can only wonder the strengths and abilities of the others.


The relationship is merely professional among these members, simply because they all share a common goal.  Despite this, not all of the members are pirates, Doreah being the primary example as he was a high figure king.  As each member seems to have great powers in their own right and might have other reasons for joining.  Sieg being one as he simply loves killing people and takes this as a great opportunity to do so.  At the moment, little is still known, but all are very proud as they only listen to Mr. X and only when the situation suits their purposes.  Sieg had the opportunity to capture Robin on Parakeet Isle, but didn't simply because, "he didn't feel like it".  The only relationship that seems to extend beyond professional is between Mr. X and Harriet, who seems to obey his every command.  Be this out of love or loyalty, it remains to be seen.


Their primary goal is the find the Poneglyphs in order to obtain the knowledge to create the legendary weapons to destroy the World Government.

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Krakar was my 1st original character of an old DBZ fic of mine. Since it was my first, it wasn't so great so I scrapped the fic. As he was a Saiyan, the Monkey was perfect for him.

Riey is Keith's last name in KOF vs SF.

Alex is from my incomplete fic, Lost Paradise.

Valen is simply a shortened version of Storm's last name, Valentine, from Final Fantasy.

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