Age 19/45
Gender Female/Male
Species Human/Zombie
Blood type O-/O+
Birthdate March 8th/March 9th
Height 5'3/7'9
Weight 120/345
Island of Origin Lougetown
Occupation Pirate
Ephitet Zombia/Freed
Crew Boogie Pirates
Position Musician/Shipwright
Family None
Bounty 222,222,222/444,444,444
Dream To make people life

Zombia is the other musician of the Boogie Pirates while Frankie is the Shipwright. Zombia has consumed the Fukkatsu Fukkatsu no Mi.

Appearance Edit

Unlike most people on the crew both Zombia and Freed wear normalish clothes. Zombia is pale with blonde hair and wears a red dress with red hair bands, gloves, and boots. Freed is a giant pale man who has no hair and has red tattoo's on his body. He wears blue overalls, blue gloves, and blue boots.

Personality Edit

Zombia likes to talk about roses and flowers and her music. She also likes to hang from Freed's neck and have him carry her. Freed is a quiet giant who only does what he is told a doesn't seem to talk much. He is very close with Zombia and is always with her to protect her.

Relationships Edit

Crew Edit

They both get along with the crew very well and like being around them. Freed is willing to kill anyone who the crew finds annoying

Abilities Edit

Zombia is able to play the violin, viola, and cello. She is also an adept swordswomen who use a rapier when she fights. She has consumed the Fukkatsu Fukkatsu Fruit.

Freed is a man with monstrous strength and uses a giant metal pole when fighting. He is also a great shipwright.

Devil Fruit Edit

Zombia has consumed the Fukkatsu Fukkatsu Fruit and is able to Resurrect people of her choosing at a time. She resurrected Freed 10 years ago after he passed away protecting her from a pirate attack.

Weakness Edit

She has the standard devil fruit weakness and she can only resurrect one person at a time.

Freed can no longer swim as well since it would make him stop moving.

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